Jimmy Kimmel’s Wife Molly Gives Away His Crap

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    After 11 months in lockdown, Jimmy’s wife Molly has decided that he has too much stuff. So, much to Jimmy’s dismay, she came up with a game to help with that in the first and probably last round of “Win Jimmy’s Crap!”
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    1. Kathleen Smith

      He totally married up!

    2. ThinkAwhile

      Jimmy’s crap

      1. ThinkAwhile


    3. bailey santiago

      mollys amazing.. i feel she should come on more often...

    4. Ella Dunning

      WE WANT MORE!!! 😂😂

    5. Neil Gibb

      Molly is awesome!


      She’s funny Great comebacks toooooo Once a month!!! Heck no Once a week she’s great

    7. DeNita DeLisser

      Somebody got Molly whopped.

    8. ari2131

      She is hilarious.. love to see her in videos

    9. darylle almazar

      Im from the philippines .iloveyou jimy

    10. JackF

      I think Molly and Guillermo should hook up and have their own show

    11. Wh!te pe0Pлə smh

      Kimmel's agent is watching like : what is she doing with my golf clubs!!!???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    12. Razka Bary

      She is fantastic 😱😱😱😱😱😱

    13. firstwest247

      this is comedy, wow has humanity taken a step or 40 backwards, so fake, like the news

    14. Arya mhatre

      0:31 😂😂🤣🤣 that person behind her

    15. Ashtyn Hensley

      Molly seems like an a**hole lol. It's a wonderful idea lol

    16. Amanda Mills

      molly is the best!! she should have her own show!!

    17. Kasper Joonatan

      Which one is going to be more popular, The late show with Evelyn Colbert or Molly Kimmel live?

    18. Crystal B

      More of Molly's content please!!

    19. Joachim Schmidt

      Funny when it shines thru that it's all scripted. (J knows the name of "contestant")

    20. Sam Jimenez

      I think she really want that divorce

    21. Teenie

      Why is every contestant 3 feet tall???

    22. sushaanth srinivasan

      0:31 the lady behind her did something nasty for sure

    23. thehoneydeev

      Your wife was AMAZING

    24. A knee moose

      Your wife is "..........yeah and she’s the bomb 💣

    25. King Dami

      Jimmy I feel your pain😭

    26. Keru Nura

      Wow imagine these two at the dinner table - so much fun ♥️

    27. Ang P

      When she said she found some weed. And keep it for her self lol. I love your style girl.

    28. youraveragedude

      He cheated didnt he

    29. Lester Wiebe

      molly is adorable and hot!!!!

    30. Charlotte Fairchild

      She needs to do this every month for real. I love how she placed things and made the game so tough for people on National Television.

    31. Lasse Givoni


    32. Lasse Givoni

      Relatable!! :-)

    33. Anyelii Gomera Franco


    34. Riya Malhotra

      We want more!!!!

    35. LT

      Wow Molly 👏👏👏

    36. Sheri Patterson

      Omgoodness so funny!❤

    37. Fancy Kitty 09


    38. The Chosen One

      Petition for molly to give away more of Jimmy s crap

    39. J M

      Y'all saying Molly is a natural, she is cool and all, but the segment is probably scripted and rehearsed 20 times.

    40. Damian Leon

      Molly can I please play next time I have plenty of space at my house 😂

    41. Thatsjustme

      Jimmy Molly is hilarious...you gotta have her back 🤣🤣👏👏

    42. Tom Joyce

      Ya More Molly...... please less Cousin Sal.

    43. Viraj Patel

      Jimmy, your wife is hot. You lucky man.

    44. Bored Orange

      Really hope this turns into a monthly show now. Bring Molly back again Jimmy!!!

    45. Steven Stifler

      anybody saw what this woman did 0:33

    46. Hamim Badik

      Did they pick only short people or just Jimmy’s wife is soo tall?

    47. MinekEzQM

      This is hilarious! We'll Guillermo at the Oscar's Red Carpet, but this I found somewhat of compensation for that.

    48. Aldo Gutierrez

      She is my favorite kimmel´s wive

    49. MB Floris

      Look at the person walking by at 00:29, did he/she spit at the scene? 😄

    50. Daisy Singh

      Of load your crap Jimmy😁 good job to your wife!🤗

    51. Justin Schmiedel

      Help me please 😿😭 please make it stop the pain

    52. Kathleen kasprowicz

      If Molly runs out of Jimmy's crap, I will send her my hubby's crap!

    53. gcboy16

      Molly come smoke with me she’s tons of fun

    54. Elioth Rubio

      This is the best thing I’ve seen today.

    55. michael hopkins

      Hey Jimmy give her crap away next

    56. BT

      I thought that was Tiffany Shu lol

    57. janschutz174

      Jimmy’s wife is great she should be on the show more often

    58. savage3boii malek

      *Jimmy's wife is hot! is she single?*

    59. jameel aljishi

      Jimmy: that’s stupid Molly: you are a stupid man Me: 😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    60. Gord Elliston

      Another great episode, you and Guiermo got us through the dark ages of the past 4 years👍

    61. Chris Walton

      Molly neede her own show.

    62. Ashutosh Rai

      I thought next she would be giving away matt or ben 😅😅

    63. Afnan Algarby

      Thank GOD you are back at the studio

    64. uri harel

      When she was pregment with matt demon nostalgic

    65. tipperary links

      His wife is great!!

    66. Two Shay

      😂 what a great idea giveaway prize! I should do the same.😂😂😂

    67. Avi Akbar

      The pathetic guide ultimately smash because poppy laparoscopically tie despite a cheerful euphonium. glamorous, uptight quilt

    68. Sean Boyd

      I was hoping Matt Damon would make an appearance.

    69. Montanas

      I want some of Kimmel’s stuff, but autographed by Matt Damon

    70. Rakshath G. Poojary

      Somebody spat 00:30

    71. Tipper1941

      This was fun.

    72. Todd Good

      Needs a follow-up segment "Jimmy tries to win his crap back". I'm sure he's spry enough to do an obstacle course.

    73. Đông Tà

      What a lovely family, love it Jimmy.

    74. Michael McConnell

      Jimmy's wife is awesome lol

    75. Sheila Kitson

      Bravo Molly!

    76. Bobby Boy

      This was great. More Molly. She's funny. Jimmy and Molly have that special stuff. I'm liking

    77. Jack Mercer

      I'm a fan, dude, but you've got to do something about that wife of yours. Note even remotely funny the way she's dissing you. Being a great, loving dad of course you don't want to mess with the family unit. But I can see in her eyes that her jealousy and resentment is only going to get worse. Sorry for you...

      1. Jack Mercer

        PS. I've been reading the comments below. What's very sick about your fans is that they seem not to like you but are in love with b---chy wife. Weird world...

    78. Freedom!

      Wifey has charm!!!

    79. eq2lornick

      How tall is Molly?! All the contestants are dwarfed by her!

    80. Kunal Shaparia

      Molly is a savage.

    81. Daniels H.S

      Molly got a great sense of humor , she had me in stitches lol👏🤣😄

    82. Karen cooper

      Great show.....how long before his wife has her own show she’s a natural and really funny 💕

    83. Cidella

      Name any person living or dead. To do what????😂😂😂

    84. bradley lewis


    85. David Armillie

      OMG LOL!!! 2:03 "I don't know if they are going to fit!" Jimmy's wife: "Who cares?" They are going! Those horribly awful shoes are going! They should have gone right into the trash!!!

      1. David Armillie

        OMG! Your wife should be a detective! Those golf clubs are terrible!! Yuck!!

      2. David Armillie

        His wife "Your fired!" just for that horrible gift.

      3. David Armillie

        Wait! It gets even funnier! He's like what if he gets it wrong, can I keep the shoes? "Nope!" without even missing a beat! But then wait for her stunningly difficult question!!!!!!!!!!!

    86. Canada

      I adore Molly but today she was looking very angry not sure if i am laughing or just feeling awkward

    87. Wayne Burton

      Colbert's wife, and Kimmel's wife could both have their own show. Hilarious 😀

      1. Gemini Alpha

        I agree

    88. Sarabellum

      This was hilarious and needs to be a regular segment, sorry Jimmy!

    89. Stephanie Belyavskaya

      “I’m going to smoke pot with Vivian!” Lmao I wanna smoke pot with Jimmy’s wife.

    90. Stephen Mazzeo

      She is funny and witty. She needs her own show.

    91. C A

      This woman is HILARIOUS!! I see where Jimmy gets it from🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    92. Aaqilah Brown

      I can't tell if their animosity toward one other is real or for the show. He is always throwing digs at his wife on the regs.

    93. Stafford Green

      Can we have Molly host the show now? Jimmy can be her side kick, and Guillermo can become a senator.

    94. Anna Louise

      Did anyone see the woman remove her mask and spit on her walk past ?

    95. Lip Boudreaux

      Molly should have her on show, she's funny

    96. Private

      So Funny

    97. Gilles Kaske

      I must be missing the comedy.?Jimmy is the piece of crap ,She just throwing away his accessories

    98. dont-want-no-wrench

      seems like the perfect match for jimmy

    99. Rain drops

      She seems really fun to hang with.