Eiza González On Living with Her Mom & Dating During Quarantine

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Eiza talks about her mom being stuck in LA and living with her for seven months because of the pandemic, being single and dating during quarantine, falling off of a bike while recording a video for Instagram, and her new movie I Care A Lot.
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    1. Eka Tirtaputra

      When she said "Set Me Free" to Seth Gekko in From Dusk Till Dawn TV Series I knew we already had the next rising star.

    2. Zues Riot

      The drab chef systemically launch because british fascinatingly mate pro a ritzy message. wonderful, subsequent pizza

    3. allie grande

      3:01 “dating” who timothée? 👀

    4. Danna Lu

      Pienso que las cirugías es lo de menos. Hace un papel correcto y bien realizado en la película y eso es lo importante. Las críticas me suenan más a envidia que a otra cosa. Bien por ella, que siga adelante.

    5. CD Moon

      IMO, the movie was majorly disappointing from the middle to end. No one wants to root for ppl who swindle the elderly.

    6. Mike Roldan

      Que orgullo ser mexicano!!


      A great Mexican pride. Those who hate her are out of envy. Her fan since 2007

    8. Rudi Johnson

      such a babe

    9. Raheem Hussain

      The amount of surgery she had but can’t fix her teeth?

    10. Jlee

      The movie was shitty....... The ending was not satisfying.....

    11. Saud Alsanad

      I love her

    12. Chris Martin

      I'm gringo, and my wife me tiró una chancla!🤣🤣🤣

    13. paujau

      me encanta su perfecto ingles! espero llegue hacer reconocida internacionalmente, a mí si me gusta su trabajo y lo que ha logrado en Estados Unidos, y ojalá todas pudiéramos hacernos nuestros arreglitos para mostrar la confianza que ella demuestra

      1. Jorge Carcamo

        No entiendo porque la gente la odia por eso eheh sienten envidia que ellos no pueden jeje

    14. Aaron James

      She has more sexiness dripping off of her than entire states have in their combined populations! She's simply amazing.

    15. carlos marin

      shes so well spoken

    16. xDakitoy

      Hehe she seems a little nervous 💗

    17. Anna Gaby Jaime

      Someone told me once that when smiling she kinda look like Jennifer Garner, now I can't unsee it.

    18. Miriam M.

      Jajajaj! We all get a chancla from our mothers time to time

    19. Raj Pondicherry

      I hate everything

    20. jennifer

      No entiendo porque en Mexico le tiran tanto hate :c, a mi me gustó mucho como actuó en su última película.

      1. Fernando Marquez

        @Anna Sáiz es casi perfecto, mi sueño es hablar como ella (con esa seguridad, acento, pronunciación, linking.... etc) soy profesor de idiomas y siempre la pongo como ejemplo.

      2. Anna Sáiz

        Me gusta su inglés :)

    21. mipili1

      She looks la bit ike a younger hispanic Jennifer Garner.

      1. 8Petka4

        aaaaah, thank you!!! Exactly my thoughts :D

    22. Lynett Flores

      Mi mexicana chingona!!! Mexico is so proud of you! ❤️

    23. JOJO

      She’s like a Mexican Monica Bellucci!! So beautiful

    24. Anny Casabella

      This is crazy! I ❤ her!

    25. S N S

      She is so beautiful

    26. James GARCIA

      Shes yummy

    27. Omar Palos

      Mexico ❤️❤️❤️

    28. Bassr

      Me da mucha alegría que a Eiza le esté yendo bien en Hollywood se lo merece es una mujer que ha trabajado mucho para lograr estar en dónde está ahora, ya dejen de criticarla que sus cirugías que si ya no habla español🙄🙄 y veo criticando más a los mexicanos que a cualquier otra persona de otro país, que vergüenza que nosotros (mexicanos) le tiremos tanto hate a otro mexicano, deberían apoyarla en lugar de criticar😒.

    29. Sergio Diaz

      come on, your mother was already famous, she was model and then was very important in the modeling industry in Mexico. And living with your parents at 30 is very Mexican, come on, no mames

    30. Brogan Josh

      Every second sentence she contradicts herself xD

    31. figgettit

      she's so robotic


      I like her but she tries so hard to be funny when she isn’t

    33. Frank K29

      She looks like Jessica Alba a little bit

    34. BeatrixxKiddo

      Damn, she's a hottie!

    35. Carlos Medina

      She’s so annoying I wanna kiss her

    36. Carl Max

      She is not 31 I swear

    37. hiphopgirl1987L

      She kinda reminds me of young Monica Bellucci, when she doesnt smile

    38. Edgar Ortiz

      Eiza Gonzalez is literally the epitome of the low self-esteem Mexican woman.

    39. GROGU

      Appreciate your mom while shes still here.And enjoy every gift she gives you no matter how small it is. I lost my mom at a very young age and wish she was here every day of my life

    40. Martin Brankov

      We will see her soon in Godzilla vs Kong!

    41. Kae Zamora

      She talk way too much

    42. L. U. A

      That face 😍

    43. The Vox

      DAMN HOT

    44. 18blohsh

      Ok but when she is Fransis/Fran on “I care a lot” jeez let me breath

    45. Lazaro Esquinazi

      Let me tell u a story bout this girl. I used to work with her here in Mexico in a tv production, I was a production assistant. She was the worst, she mistreated the staff, was rude with the fans and her mom was a complete witch. I know she looks pretty chill here but trust me she isn’t

      1. Lazaro Esquinazi

        @Estefany Mejía im just telling my own personal experience

      2. Estefany Mejía

        people change and grow up, Lazaro

      3. Lazaro Esquinazi

        @chaquetasenlacaja it’s 100% true story

      4. chaquetasenlacaja

        Are you just being sour or is it true? I don’t doubt it. This type of actresses are pretty bitchy when young.

    46. Paloma Reynoso

      Qué bueno que Eiza se fue de México. ¡La está rompiendo allá!


      love eiza from brasil 🇧🇷

    48. AsianAngler

      only A cups?

    49. Mariann Martinez

      I love her soooo much🥺🥺🥺🥺

    50. rhadz neverever

      I loved her hair in “i care a lot”. Damn it she soooo beautiful! 😍

    51. maltratar

      Esa broma de la chancla no le queda a Eiza, podrás engañar a los gringos pero no a los mexicanos, que boba.

    52. aaron garcia

      I Fall in Love all over Again every time i see Eliza Gonzalez lol God blessed us Mexicans with some Excellent genes

    53. Babetravelling

      I just started watching this Netflix show and I like it

    54. Robin Hood

      MARRY ME 😍

    55. R M

      1:39 " I have a Mexican mother, she threw me a chancla" 😆

    56. Evin noel Valladares

      Eiza González Diva

    57. Luis Flores

      So what if she's had surgeries? They turned out fantastic. She's beautiful.

      1. Brianna Mejia

        She did?😲What surgeries did she have?

      2. Raheem Hussain


    58. -


    59. Holden Ricker

      She’s so fine omg 😍

    60. Name 108

      Glad people are embracing that things will never return to normal in our society and are adjusting to life with COVID. Dating can cause catastrophic spreading of the disease, so personally I think it ought to be avoided until every single person on the planet has been vaccinated for our safety. But, there's also bubbles people can use for socializing if they're desperate to go on a date.

    61. Al Sal

      She's 30 😦 wtf

    62. sk8erboi66ericko

      Can’t stand this girl... now it results she doesn’t speak spanish to mexican reporters anymore. Don’t let her fool you.

      1. sk8erboi66ericko

        @lilov s I get the point and you’re so right, but let me tell you the story: A few days ago, mexican reporters spotted her in LA streets, they started to ask: “Eiza, cómo estás?” (Eiza, how are you) and a few questions in spanish... this girl seemed to forget her native language and just said “Guys please, give me space”. I know, she is in USA (America is a CONTINENT btw) and people living in the U.S. MUST speak English, but come on... Guillermo Del Toro, Alejandro G. iñaritu, Gael García, Diego Luna, Salma Hayek, Alejandro Cuarón... all mexicans and don’t have this attitude. In front of the camera Eiza wants you to believe she is keeping her Latin roots, but in reality she feels she was born in the U.S. and never knew how to speak Spanish... look for the video and you’ll get my point.

      2. lilov s

        @sk8erboi66ericko so what if she doesn’t speak Spanish? She’s an actress acting in America.

      3. Estefany Velasquez

        @sk8erboi66ericko nop.

      4. sk8erboi66ericko

        @Estefany Velasquez fan?

      5. Estefany Velasquez

        Ah bueno.

    63. Chriss Martt

      I can smell Jimmy’s alcohol breath from here 😂

    64. scarlet

      she looks so plastic...but she speaks very well.

    65. Vannesa Yazmin TJ

      Beautiful my mexican girl 💕💕❤️❤️🥰🥰🇲🇽

    66. Yugal Keshari

      She looks like Rhea Chakraborty.

    67. Gabo Rey

      Recently I see the movie "I care a lot" OMG is so so good, funny, interesting great story and I love Eiza playing Fran 💙💙

    68. Fá

      woow she's so precious

    69. Juno V

      Bruh I’ve never heard her speaking English before I’m so proud of her 🙌🏻❤️

    70. Amira Porragas

      Eiza you’re such a queeeeennn😍😍 mexican and proud baby💚

    71. Derek Ho 2013's

      Jimmy Kimmel Eliza Gonzalez dating living

    72. Marie Skolodouska

      'yeah 😏 my wife'

    73. Eva Makarski

      The rampant medicine perinatally mug because pyjama evidently trust than a glib manx. acidic, eatable vacation

    74. mmejiacalix

      She is Kind?...wow, I can not imagine when she is rude...

    75. Ryan Howell

      She's attractive

    76. Nunezification

      Love her, not just because she was my neighbor in Mexico City or because she’s a good actress but because she’s cool to talk to and humble everywhere she goes !

    77. Ozzy Reyes

      I can't stand this woman, she is one of the most hated actress in Mexico, she basically forgot how to speak in Spanish.

    78. Ana Pineda

      Does anyone else think that she looks like Alexandra ocasión Cortez??

      1. hint0122

        She wished she was eiza

    79. Jim Heeren

      Gorgeous woman

    80. Adam .Knights

      lol, 'new netflix movie' LOL Jimmy, it's a new amazon prime movie! lol

    81. AntiFaith

      Stunning beauty and a class act.

    82. Sougata Mitra

      She's a goddess...

    83. Anthony Rodriguez

      "My mom got stuck outside of her home country for 7 months due to a pandemic stemming from a deadly virus." Audience: HAHAHAHAHA!

    84. ofelia solis

      Viva Mexicooo cab....

    85. The One

      If she's into broke, anti social, shut in losers, hook me up Jimmy

    86. cmulder002

      What is the value of these latina chicks in the usa? White skinny blondes are the most valuable and that is why manny "non-whites" (athletes singers ect) want those as wife. Black are the least valuable but what about these latino's and asians and natives? What is there order there? Halfbreeds are more valuable depending how white they are?

    87. GyanPrakash

      She's Epitome of Beauty or Aphrodite herself 🤩😍🥰❤️😊

    88. GoatedNugget578

      Mexican mother can be great oh boy but when they get mad...

    89. Black Baron

      ☠️BLACK BARON☠️ Interesting subject. Is it complicated to make money in the US as an artist and still being a Mexican resident? How is the financial relationship working between US and Mexico? Is it complicated?

    90. salma loera

      Great interview! Loved what she said about the movie at the end. Orgullo Mexicano 💪🇲🇽

    91. Kendra Mendoza

      Hermosa diosaaaaaa

    92. Natyoliva

      Look at Roxy Pop shining

    93. allen chang

      Wow!! She's gorgeous ❤️

    94. Ros Sen

      Gorgeous - no other words!

    95. Nestor Fuentes


    96. sambhav sovitkar


    97. Denisse Diaz

      "This is the perfect display of how basic I can be" that comment didn't get the recognition and laughter it deserved

    98. E W


    99. E W

      She killed this role!!!

    100. Melina Sandoval

      She is doing a good job as an actress but ... do people talk about whether she has surgeries? Jeez. Good Job Eiza. I just saw the new movie, I hope to see you soon in more and that you have more work.Working girl.