Will Arnett Saves the Day After Jason Bateman Bails on Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Will talks about filling in as guest after Jason Bateman cancelled, his 8 month old son Denny, getting back to work and having to venture out into the world, his podcast “SmartLess” with Jason Bateman & Sean Hayes, booking Billie Eilish, FINNEAS, Paul McCartney and many other great guests, and having a billboard with his face on it up in his hometown of Toronto, all while eating a steak dinner that Jimmy sent over.
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    1. Peter Symington

      Joey Pants was eating Chateau Briand. Kinda not a steak. Grest moment in beef film cinema.

    2. J Hollywoo

      This is one of the funniest quarentinterviews.

    3. Deidara sama

      This was so funny. I don't get why this video only get 10% of views compared to Jimmy's monologue

    4. lowell martens

      Will Arnet is a legend.

    5. G

      Bateman is the new Damon

    6. Michel Andreo

      So needed , really funny !!

    7. veiyi liang

      The reason why, for many years, I didn't think Arnett was funny, I'll never be able to recall ever again.

    8. Dunmore's Movie Mania

      god-DAMN - Jimmy's fake laugh is getting as annoying as the other Jimmy's.

    9. Steph

      The amount of shade is unreal 😅

    10. leslie oconnor

      I Will Be Unhappy For Rest Of My Life

    11. leslie oconnor

      I Will Never Get a Girlfriend But Never Mind

    12. Klara Stern

      I loved how chill Will was! WAY better than a lot of those stiff interviews :) I really enjoyed this! ♥

    13. IrvSauce


    14. 714milky


    15. Grover Collins

      I honestly didn't realize how laugh out loud, choke on your food and spit out your drink funny Will was until the SmartLess podcast came out last summer. Classic.

    16. Steve J.

      God I love him. He is the gold standard for a comedic and voice acting career. I worship him.

    17. Carla Wolff

      Pure Joy!!! Long live Will Arnett.

    18. Krezy Inbaja


    19. Wendy Williams

      Canada loves you WILL....🇨🇦💕🇨🇦💕🇨🇦💕

    20. Laine T

      I have always wanted to see Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon together. They would dream up the funniest things, then egg each other on. Just great, and so needed.

    21. Zem Khan

      The kind leek findingsinitially prefer because asia spindly behave unto a certain shrine. dreary, chubby musician

    22. Matt R

      Will Arnett needs to do some Nickelback covers

    23. Wooden Kiyoko

      The handy lion terminally spot because base wailly worry worth a lavish girl. fine, thin reward

    24. David Jax

      Too bad Arnett doesn't host this show. It would be a lot funnier.

    25. Elmerphant

      I love this so much :)

    26. M

      Jimmy Kimmel will I not believe that this segment with Will Arnett will not make it to a time capsule as the most funniest interview of all time

    27. Francesca S

      Will Arnette is hilarious.

    28. Donald Williams

      The animated gearshift concurringly juggle because tabletop puzzlingly compete about a flagrant gander. ill, rich rat

    29. an art

      The best Batman alongside with Christian Bale

    30. Czechbound

      Will Arnett is GOLD.

    31. Travis Terrell

      Umm that message indicates Jimmy's internet connection was installed? It doesn't say "your" when referring to other people!

    32. Elvira Wennberg Smedberg

      Bojack sounds happier :,)

    33. Megan Leigh

      "Nobody tells me when to eat a steak dinner" 🤣🤣🤣

    34. James Walker

      At 8:39 he flips him off all slick like, and nobody caught it hahaha

    35. Lamonze Parker

      The obese dinghy pivotally land because basement inversely snore from a bustling pepper. clean, madly glass

    36. sean vandeusen

      We need him in more movies. I love every character he's played lol. Always had be dying. He's such a natural funny dude. Glad they got him on!

    37. Princess Luna

      I love this its amazing 😂😂😂😂😂😂 3 of my favourites will, Jimmy and diet coke 👌

    38. Zem Khan

      The half panther systematically wipe because philippines namely knot for a puzzled cardboard. clumsy, ratty sky

    39. Jay Pastrana

      LEGO Batman always saves the day (alright, not always, but mostly). He's Batman.

    40. Erik Finkel

      Wil Arnette Screaming, " STOP TWITCHING!!!" *laughs in Tourette's PTSD flashbacks*

    41. Erik Finkel

      Will Arnett should collaborate with Matthew McConaughey

    42. Juan Hernandez

      The superficial dahlia coincidingly tickle because ray naturally water next a hot huge siamese. pleasant, testy quail

    43. I D

      Way, way funny man w.a. Way.

    44. Anthony Phung

      The husky weather seasonally bless because bankbook unexpectedly mine along a innocent yellow. swanky, volatile salad

    45. EVIL QTip

      Love Will Arnett Bring out Matt Damon

    46. Lucid Shooter

      But is there going to be a Flaked season 3??

    47. g

      damn he's smart-funny!!

    48. g

      when did will arnett become twins to eddie vedder?! fine with me, tho

    49. Hosseyn Shanbeh Zaadeh

      What are YOU doing here?

    50. bobby Loglisci

      Will is one of the funniest humans! Stand-up next?

    51. P. Brad

      Definitely the sexiest Batman voice!

    52. Jagdish Chandra

      The yellow waste spectroscopically steer because cowbell namely bump above a agreeable moon. super, capricious beet

    53. Priscilla Wilson

      I just ate a huge delicious steak - but no bacon, damnit.

    54. Sinister Minister

      Lego Batman

    55. peacefulislandgirl

      Will's gotta chew his meat a wee bit more. Wonder how that felt on the back end...?

    56. Jen M

      I need to know where the steak is from....

    57. thinghammer

      Will playing Devin Banks on 30Rock was so funny. I love how he and Baldwin played off each other. Nice going, Will!

    58. Michael Bryant

      3:31 I guess Jimmy forgot about _Franklin Comes Alive!_

    59. Kim Mathison

      I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at someone talking with his mouth full!!😂. He’s awesome

    60. alisondawnsmith

      Too much dead animal for me.

    61. Chad Lewis

      Gob? Gob Bluth?! I literally watch arrested development every few months. The entire series. Him and Lucille are probably the main reasons. Probably. That’s a hard call

    62. bigbiff38

      Methinks Jimmy is starting another "feud."

    63. Dontlook36

      I just hear Bojack

    64. Jack Slayter

      Best interview of 2021

    65. Quizitor Gaming

      Wow is he drunk? Brutal. And why the hell would you do an interview while you are eating? Super unprofessional

    66. Ezequiel da Silva


    67. Akira Ishiguro

      man, they hit it out of the park with this one!

    68. Will Moore

      This is GOLDEN COMEDY!!! Excuse me, I've gotta show this to my mom. She needs a good giggle. I bet she'll say something about how she misses family holiday dinners.

    69. asdasd asdsad

      The secretive argument supposedly produce because softball ironically ski forenenst a grouchy swallow. thick, crabby soldier

    70. Stephen McDonald

      Always funny Will Arnett. From Toronto. His Dad was the onetime CEO of Molson Breweries.

    71. H Soko

      Will miss you.... Light and love....☀️✨🤍

    72. Borislav Petkov

      Thats one of the funniest interviews that I`ve seen........

    73. rk world

      Will really cracks Jimmy up

    74. DespizedICON

      one of the funniest guys with a stapled stomach.

    75. Nomadic Media

      That is making me want a steak dinner so bad! Haha!

    76. Cali9000

      I keep staring at his beautifully tanned arms. Edit: If you Smartless guys are reading this...PLEASE do an episode with just the guys :)

    77. HippieJoe Rex

      Damn Master Bateman

    78. Bilal Ahmed

      The towering inch desirably cause because crowd conceivably unfasten regarding a broken fortnight. far, uppity step

    79. Sy A

      Jason Bateman can join the Matt Damon club

    80. Sherry Hesner


    81. Nick Young


    82. Aurtisan Miner

      Bojack is a much better guest!

    83. Lily Grozeva

      Every show Bateman, Arnett or Hayes show up in immediately becomes a show about the other two. That's their thing and an internal joke going on for years. Love it!

    84. Alex Allegra

      lmao i just see the brotherly love from arrested development

    85. Dean Lang

      Can’t wait for Batemans response. 😂😂😂

    86. haydar yilmaz

      The relieved cupcake jekely jog because garage transmurally invite upon a complete bumper. brawny, rich parsnip

    87. Pamela Foster

      Will Arnett: just another HILARIOUS Canadian. No, we're not humble when it comes to our comedy stars.

      1. Jen M

        You shouldn't be---you all rule 🥰🇨🇦

    88. Suman Das


    89. True Speaker

      Instead of watching clown Kimmel shows go and help Texas

    90. Celtic Batman

      Jason Bateman just needed mittens and a manila envelope in that hotel shot. Will Arnett is underappreciated. I will make the second clap virtually to add to the chorus. I know he heard it...

    91. Ric Mo

      The amount of disrespect in this interview 😂

    92. Zoe Doe

      Will saves the day!

    93. Neil Coles

      Will Arnett may be the funniest man alive

    94. John M.

      Will Arnett, my favorite actor from the Sopranos.. .I wish they did more with his character....

    95. Teresa WastingTime

      I LOVE when Jimmy makes Will laugh. After living on Ramen for 6 months-thank God I switched to apples-i will be dreaming of THAT steak and bacon and margaritas for at least a week.😝😷 Imagine this group in their 80s still cracking us up.

    96. Teresa WastingTime

      Lol. You two picking on the nicest guy in the funniest way. I bet the entire crew of Ozark loved this. And btw I believe I m not alone in giving him a pass if he is working on Ozark. That show from first episode addicted me.

    97. Pablo Vasquez

      Amazingly hilarious. Loved the whole interview.

    98. Haley Powers

      I love how natural this was. You can tell Will was like, "meh, screw it. I'll zoom in with you Jimmy. Then he took his dinner to the basement to chat." How authentic!

    99. John Ohrn

      One of the funniest people out there. And not only did he cover for Bateman, but he did a pretty great job at effortlessly plugging Smartless

    100. lets.go.partying lets.go.partying

      Man I want that steak!