Kat Dennings on Darcy Lewis Reappearing in WandaVision & Growing Up in a Haunted House

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Kat talks about growing up in a house built in 1694, the historical society giving tours while she lived there, thinking it was haunted, finding out her character from the first Thor movie was returning for “WandaVision,” and internet fan theories.
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    1. Martyna

      WandaVision gets better every episode

    2. Andrew Coulthard-Clark

      They spent weeks organizing to get Evan Peters, spent money keeping his sequences a secret. Some dipsh!t immediately puts his face in a DEcameras thumbnail for clicks.

    3. Arturo Gonzalez

      Kat Dennings = 😍

    4. Wagner Voss

      She said haunted as Hell. Mephisto confirmed. 😆🤣😂👹

    5. Alex Dupree, Jr.

      She is soooo cute...my God.

    6. MAK Menu

      I love how she talks

    7. TheMasterChief117

      She’s really pretty Love her voice

    8. Mike

      Kat Dennings is assume! It is nice to see her back...

    9. lavpot

      her red lipstick is always so perfect

    10. jaden yuki

      She also appears in thor, so she's been in the mcu for 10 years now. I ddk if she's same caracter thoug...

    11. Shradha Pandey

      Here after Episode 8 and I'd really not talk about it. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Niente :v

    12. Aya H

      I wanna know about Kat Dennings' haunted childhood home!!

    13. Kyler Dowling

      Kat Dennings is a treasure in the MCU.

    14. Powerpopaholic

      The only person I’ve ever heard with endearing vocal Fry. She’s very nice, chill, down to earth, and pretty easy going.

    15. Shannon T

      Darcy really used those blipped years to vastly improve her career!

    16. Loony Maven

      You know her from 'Thor' I know her from *Two broke girls*

    17. Chris Kearney

      She's so pretty 😍

    18. Ripp3r Jac

      She hella thicc and stacked She blessed with great genetics.

    19. Kimberly Jeanne

      I love how sarcastic Darcy is, glad she’s back. It’s a crime Darcy and Loki never met bc I feel like it would be a wonderful sarcasm fest. Maybe in Thor 4 🤷🏻‍♀️

    20. Marcus Antonius

      Liked her in 2 Girls and several Cups 😇😂 Dirrrrty Voice and Laugh. Fuckyeah.

    21. Another Litleo

      I need to go to that airbnb…

    22. namio the 5th

      I need Agents of Atlus with Park and Dennings right now!

    23. Douglas J

      She seems fun to be around. I want her to narrate my bio LOL

    24. Thunder Foundation

      Everything related to mephisto, hell ,devil make me a nerd to figure out

    25. Vultan Hawkman

      Just crack no plaque 😂

    26. Christine Zaguirre

      I simply love her and I vow to watch anything she stars in so yeah...

    27. Sarim Husain

      Kat Dennings look like a character from Twilight movies!

    28. Carmella Singer

      “No plaque just crack” lmao

    29. Aayu Misra

      OMG why is Jimmy trolling her so much? 😂

    30. Speaker of Words

      Imagine going through her Hex, multiple times

      1. Arsh Khan


    31. Andrew Diaz

      4:58 before they even touch on WV. Wild.

    32. Muhsin Atras

      Her voice kinda reminds me of mable in gravity falls...

    33. Neil Sacatropez


    34. Grace Heaton

      me living like 10 mins away from the house she’s talking about 👁👄👁

      1. John York

        I went to school in Wynnewood.

    35. Caleb Escamilla

      They need to bring her back after wanda vision!!! 😭

    36. darko galic

      Dollface or WandaVision...what to watch now, when 2 broke girls are 4 year no more.

    37. ShakiR AhmaD

      She's such an EEN ♥

    38. Arianna Allevi

      She is so much like darcy

    39. Andrew L.

      She is perfect in so many ways...

    40. LupitaSin21

      You know what I didn't really like in Two Broke Girls or whatever, but she definitely became one of my favorite characters in Thor even back then and now that she's back I really hope she gets to play on another MCU series or even get her own with Jimmy Woo like other people have been suggesting. Like I would like to see her appear in something beyond Wandavision in the MCU world that obviously makes sense with her character/storyline.

    41. Fedmeister

      Americans who think 1694 was an early period in history.

      1. amertpk

        When considering housing in America especially Philadelphia it is really old. The first pilgrims settled near the New England coast in 1620, so for them to move al the way to phalli and construct houses means that it was probably of the first or second generation of European settlement on US soil.

    42. Anisa B!!

      I will say, since 2 broke girls this is a show that is so known across the country and Im so happy she stars in it!!!! Also i dont ship “doki” i kinda like how she fell for Ian I prefer summ like that cause it was so funny

    43. Sid Xo

      Her laugh is just so welcoming omg

    44. significant soil

      She looks like Billie Eilish's big sister

    45. significant soil

      What do you know Jimmy?

    46. OmgImKane

      Someones gonna track this down and stay in her bedroom now

    47. Aleksis The Wolf Dorsey

      1694? Definitely haunted.

    48. Ben Soloh

      I love her laughter and she's so beautiful 😍

    49. Suzi Wolf

      While discussing the MCU, I half expected Kat to say "do I look like Tom Holland or Mark Ruffalo to you?"

    50. Infinitely Qurious

      What a woman. Rawr. 💖

    51. Eduardo Moraes

      Love her since first watch 2 Broke Girls and she's like the best person ever 😍❤

    52. T M

      Just feed me Kat Dennings DEcameras videos until the pandemic is over.

    53. Sami Nicole

      Her voice reminds me of mable pines!

    54. Izzy Sloan

      WandaVision is probably the best tv show I’ve seen in awhile, if it doesn’t get at least 1 award then I’m done.

    55. Talis Winterborn

      :) I remember her streams.

    56. Charlie Bless

      All I know from today's episode is Darcy is thick. My lord I'm in love ❤❤❤


      The town that Kat is from is now called WhenWood and before the town was called IsWood. As in there IsWood, now that they have cut down all the trees it is called WhenWood was here. lol

    58. Tay Miranda

      I love her

    59. Marko Nikolic

      The writing for her character is terrible.

    60. Edward Cullen

      Aye im from Pennsylvania to lol anyway I had the biggest crush on her till I saw her with draaaaake 😡... she’s amazing lol

    61. Addison raee

      The omniscient space intracellularly wipe because east unfortunatly fetch versus a nine voyage. absorbing, delicate uzbekistan

    62. I think who I am

      I luv her voice

    63. Emma Rossetter

      So pissed there bringing in the x-men

    64. Xargers

      Why is this still 720p60???

    65. starsapphire2013

      Kat Dennings is confirmed for A Haunting Series Season 3

    66. Marvelous Rex

      Since she's been on Wandavision, I've heard quite a few females say they don't really like her, while guys are the complete opposite. I know it's cliched, but the women who said this always seem to be so catty about it. They never give any reason for it, they "just don't like her." For us guys, she obviously has a famous rack and everything, but she also seems to genuinely have a good, fun personality. I've liked her in everything I've seen her in, so I don't know what these women have problems with, short of jealously.

    67. ABK_RaY

      kate without seeing melons man unfair

    68. Alfonso Ramírez

      The house sounds like it was heated by coal and demons

    69. Jenizz

      So little about the show. :(

    70. Sandeep Surendran

      Admire her :)

    71. Maureen Hannivan

      Yeah I have things going missing but it’s my little dog that hides sleepers etc.. love kat!

    72. Hawk

      Did she just say horse FARM?!?!? 🤨

    73. Dr. Edward Richtofen

      I would simp for her 😩😍

    74. jaden yuki

      Its sort of an easter egg her being in a sitcom (2 broke girls) saving people from a sitcom wandavision.

    75. David Kim

      I love her curves and body

    76. Cleo

      Laughing at how they think 1694 is old

    77. alexiahetka

      kat: "it was haunted as hell" me: don't say it don't say don't sa-MEPHISTOOOOOO

    78. Elysion B

      I want to drink Whiskey with this woman.

    79. Renato Vintage

      Lovely, sweet, funny and so hot woman. That's Kat Dennings! 17/02/21

    80. Tony Arredondo

      Ugghh I’m in love with Kat. I can’t wait to see what they do with her character. Please Marvel do her character justice and keep her in the limelight, we love her

    81. Carolina Buarque

      I just miss 2 Broke Girls so much

    82. C K

      Shout out from Chester County, PA.

    83. Dhruvinsh dvv Vaishnav

      Very excited to see her in next episode

    84. Aurelius Martins

      This girl is very sexy...

    85. Kiss Kiss

      Beautiful, Talented, Funny, Respectable woman, Kat Dennings, is.

    86. abbey :O

      hello from pennsylvania love you kat❤️

    87. Activist4America

      "Oh, you're back." I'm dying.

    88. Arun Viswanath

      She is using wired headsets 😁. This is the first time in a while I see a celebrity not using an airpod or some other TWS.

    89. Footballista

      I just love her ! she is GORGEOUS ! 😍

    90. Bientoro Hadi Wibowo

      She's a lovable person 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

    91. Hitesh katekhaye

      Kat is soooo beautiful 😍😍😍

    92. Ludovick Almanon

      I kinda wish that Jimmy would have mentioned to Kat about being back as a broke waitress again. lol

    93. Christophe Bellanger

      Happy Birthdaaayyyyyy today ! Elisabeth 😘💓

    94. Felipe Sene Januário e Alvarenga Mota

      As even she wasn't cool enough already, now we found out she and Taylor Swift were neighboors in kindergarden

      1. Felipe Sene Januário e Alvarenga Mota

        Haha like they both were kids in Pennsylvania, and Tay grew up in a *horse farm*, while Kat just said she lived next to one, so...

      2. chars.

        Wait what-

      3. Mannat Singh

        say wha-

      4. Setenay Kılıçoğlu


    95. Chika Okpara

      She's my favorite actress

    96. Trevor Thibodeaux

      I feel like there needs to be a sweepstakes to win the chance to ghost hunt for a night in Kat Dennings’ childhood home with her

    97. R. B

      she made me straight.

    98. Gustavo Cecille

      my gosh she does not age! what a beauty!

    99. Universo Pangea

      "haunted as hell" ¡Mephisto!

    100. Mai Vançon

      Was it the *’Penn Cottage’?* I’m so curious. 🤔 I love historical architecture, especially in the New England region.