Black Pumas - Know You Better

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Black Pumas perform the song Know You Better on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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    1. dfox704

      I just went through a transformation listening to the black Pumas🔥💯✔

    2. Leocadia Joanna


    3. The Andrés

      I had tickets for the Pumas in March... 2020.

    4. MrNanda38

      I dont see pumas here

    5. Tasia Gonsalves-Barriero

      Colors is my favorite. This is number 3. October 33 is #2

    6. Dan Mellick

      In a sea of mediocrity, it's nice to have greatness. Hope to see these guys making music for years to come.

    7. Dustin Rabine

      I want the world to know the pumas better

    8. Jimbo_Jumbo

      Great song and band but the mix is pretty bad

    9. triluna0

      Way to let it! Leave it on the stage, Love Black Pumas!

    10. Jeffrey Schreider

      Exceptional band. I first discovered Black Pumas from the DJ's at The Peak 107.1 FM NY. Seen them live a few times at Garcia's and on the main stage at The Capitol Theater in Port Chester NY..

    11. Jolanta Lythgoe

      Amazing. Love Pumas!

    12. Gabby35803

      Real voices.

    13. unexpected vixen

      I don't care for this particular genre, but that man sings beautifully!

    14. unexpected vixen

      I don't care for this particular genre, but that man sings beautifully!

    15. Rachael Elliott

      Love this, love your vinyl album, and looking forward to Capitol Cuts LP in the mail in June! Maybe someday sooner rather than later we'll see you live?!

    16. Jenny fraser

      I Love this group! You guy’s deserve massive amount of awards!!!

    17. sherman baloyi

      Good Music once again.

    18. Vivian Goldschmidt

      great song!

    19. Pete Dodge


    20. Ayad Ali

      🤟🤟🤟Thank you Black Puma! Thank you very, very much for the music you produce and dedicate to fellow Texans like me! Very proud of being represented by deserving Texans such as you guys!🤘🤘🤘

    21. Felipe Melo

      Oh yeah! Everyone’s letting loose on this version. Eric, where did you pull that howl from? Well, I didn’t see it coming and it hit me in the face. Now I just keep coming back for more

    22. Michael Schumacher

      Full on groove with soul. Love u all

    23. Nancy Loera

      You are simply THE BEST Black pumas!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

    24. timothy kaparoff

      I'm so happy he had them on

    25. Laura Terry

      Loved them since I discovered them on Kelly Clarkson's show!!

    26. Matt Larkin

      More soft leather. Just want to chill in it all day.

    27. Chris Gingrich


    28. Bobby Hillier

      I... am obsessed. How have I never heard of them

    29. Carly Hamilton

      I love his voice..they are great...

    30. Mario Muñoz P.

      Brutal¡ grandes Artistas.

    31. hiawathia 1

      One of my favorite songs off the album! Looking forward to see them live once the 🌎 opens back up for business.

    32. S P Y D A M A N

      wonder why they named it "black "pumas🤫 I'm sure aunt Jemima would not approve

      1. vandal3000


    33. J. Skottfree

      Best new band by far you guys are greatness 🏆🏆✊🏼

    34. BookBWitched

      This is so delicious, like salve on my burned soul.

    35. Colleen Shea

      wow explosion ! Win that grammy !

    36. laura Bee

      I want to know you better too.. Love this band

    37. Hollie Lovely

      My jam! Love them forever!

    38. Anne Anne

      Such a smooth and groovy '70's vibe!

    39. Rudy Rodriguez Jr.

      Soooooo good.

    40. Susan Gaspar

      Smoooooth as silk and I love it!

    41. Greg Ackerman

      Pumas just keep getting better. Next stop... grab a GRAMMY

    42. Dante Rebori

      Terrific, as always!!!

    43. Roshan Royal

      Hey jimmy please invite Great Van fleet next time

    44. Sarah Pelletier

      the video is verly good

    45. Adam Vaughn

      Jam em all the time

    46. Linda Parker

      I thought they were a reggae group. I still enjoyed their music. Woke me up this morning!😊🌞😘

    47. Renee Brutvan

      My new favorite since I saw them during the Inauguration celebration.

      1. h1orxrah

        Me too, already ordered a CD and sticker!!!

    48. Tyler Binkowski


    49. Legie Pyponco

      good of iarrrss

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    56. Alisa Johns

      Great performance

    57. Lunar Tick

      I ❤️ Black Pumas

    58. SinisterAF

      These lads are so good- all their songs slap

    59. Melody Moon

      Love 😀😎

    60. Alex G. Novak

      Good performance but a bit unfocused. Still enjoyed it.

    61. cayce lyntin

      Woke up from food coma when I heard the voices and the licks. Tight band

    62. cetin Amsterdam

      Yess 🙌🏼🧘🏻

    63. Eric Perry

      I hate myself for liking this song

      1. Greg Ackerman

        Yeah, why the self-hate? These cats are great musicians and even better people.

      2. fay guled

        What's wrong with this song?

    64. Paul Larcombe

      Bloody incredible 👌


      This is what you call smooth sailing daddy-o, dig that.



    67. Jobs Ermita

      Damn thumbnail. I thought he gonna sing some metal.

    68. JK

      great song! 🙌🏾

    69. Valquiria Torres

      Wow 😍

    70. K W

      Yo I’m buying this album

      1. Rockin Rick Belanger

        I highly recommend the Deluxe version as the second LP has great material as well.

    71. K W

      Wow what a voice. Love the backup singers too

    72. G D W Law

      The vinyl is splendid .....please come to Europe

      1. Patrick

        they are still scheduled for now to return in november

    73. Mr ME

      God bless anyone seeing this comment!!”

      1. laura Bee

        That is so sweet.. Bless you too

      2. Rosado Marlene

        God Bless you Amen

      3. Angelo Acosta


    74. Ricardo Rick


    75. Ekoko Thomas Itoe Nalika

      Only the future billionaires are reading these and taking me to the journey of 1k before the end of the month... Amen!!!🍺 Cheers

    76. ireallydont know

      First! insomnia has its perks

      1. Sojirn Mun

        Hope you still get your 7-8 hours!

    77. _Šotouš_Ze_ Strašnic_

      It's cool video

    78. C.H.

      Hhhii Im the first