Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Path to a Trump Conviction

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    It’s day three of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial and Jimmy breaks down the longshot path to convicting him, FOX News turning up the faux outrage button, people who were at the Capitol riots incriminating themselves on social media, 18% of Americans who have heard of QAnon believing their claims are somewhat accurate, the theory that Trump will be reinaugurated on March 4th, an $8,000 Louis Vuitton sweater that is covered in puppets, a special Valentine’s Day gift idea for that special something in your life, we embark into the weekend of love with a new edition of Masking Questions, and This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.
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    1. leslie oconnor

      I’ll Bottle Voluntary Work Again Dont Worry About It

    2. Walter White

      I’m here to see Kimmel cry .... again ... and again ..

    3. Ben Reese

      He was acquitted Jimmy, so it went the wrong way for you and the dems knock off the political bias crap and actually do something comedic other than trying to push your opinion on the whole nation, Jimmy Kimmel your an embarrassment that you and I live in the same country!

    4. Troy Mihailoff


    5. Christopher Billups

      Feb 20. Yeah, that didn't work Jimmy.

    6. noodlemaster

      I wish democrats would stop wasting taxpayers money on impeachment trials on someone who is out of office

    7. IDKaboutthis Fuckoffyoutube

      Three ghosts

    8. Geo S

      Ok. I think you are a good person and care about people in general. However, after nearly 500,000 death from COVID19, I think your COVID20 and COVID 20+ jokes were deplorable. I get what you were trying to do; however, people who have lost loved ones to COVID19 and watch your show for some humor and relief did not find it tonight. As a physician and human being. I felt compelled, and this is something I never do, to let you know this. I am sure your writers can come up with better material. If not, I guess you should know that, currently, there is an ebola outbreak in Guinea in case you need more material for offenisve humor. Be better!

    9. K MR

      "This is me"😆

    10. Tobin's Art Trading

      Baffles me how the US has not crashed and burned! Must be some good people holding it all together... despite the best efforts of the loser right to get their Dodge Rams back, after their factory shut down in like... 1995!

    11. Joe Saab

      Kkk for Kamal

    12. WiseGuy Champia

      Days after the Trial, Trump has been acquitted, and I'm watching videos that has not age well.

    13. Colddickrick

      Jimmy gonna be mad about him being acquitted

    14. Paka Lolo

      We Americans Already Living In A NEW PANDEMIC.!!!!! It's Called Donald J.ackoff Trump.!!!! LOOK BACK When Covid-10 First Arrived In America.. What DID Donald J.ackoff Trump Do.???? NOTHING BUT LIE.!!!! WHAT DID The GREAT MINDS OF THE CDC DO.???? FLIP FLOP.!!!! EVEN TODAY, EVER TRY TO MAKE AN COVID-19 APPOINTMENT.???

    15. Nono

      There is nothing that liberal policies bring to the table for a middle class working white guy - you know, the guy who makes this country function. That's an indisputable fact.

      1. Bruce Freadrich

        @Nono I am a middle class working white guy as well… but in Canada, not the U.S.A. I guess I would call myself socially liberal, but fiscally conservative (if that doesn't split too fine a hair). It has always surprised me how the word "liberal" is spat out, Like "motherf***er" or "c**t" in American politics, whereas here, Liberal is the name of the (currently) governing political party.

      2. Nono

        @Bruce Freadrich "Redistribution of wealth" , open borders, free health care (no such thing as free), green initiatives, destruction of the fossil fuel industry, etc

      3. Bruce Freadrich

        What are "liberal policies?"

    16. Nono

      Anyone who cares what a celebrity- who has literally no real life experience - thinks is a total moron.

    17. n bay

      Jimmy Kimmel is such a loser for still talking about Trump. Especially now that Trump has been acquitted.

    18. Pandas are cool

      Kimmel is so bored of his job he's going to make Trump jokes ten years from now. Just like SNL.

    19. Michael Andreas

      Jimmy has lost it.

    20. Mary Miller

      The smartest and most true thing I’ve ever heard Jimmy say is during his Roseanne interview... Roseanne: “you all are the ones who’ve moved away from the center, I’ve stayed in the same spot.” Jimmy: “You’re probably right honestly”

    21. Dora Dennis

      Spoiler Alert! The Democrats 2nd impeachment tantrum didn't work. 😂😂😂😂😂

    22. war ren

      lets all play Mario Kart

    23. war ren

      Say it Jimmy....louder Jimmy....say it louder.

    24. Simon Wang

      The voiceless scooter coincidently support because uncle astonishingly tow except a somber leather. spiritual, snobbish pamphlet

    25. Bob Mohr

      You lose goof.

    26. Truth Teller

      Jimmy still eating crow?? 🤣

    27. Tom Brady

      Tom Brady is the GOAT!

    28. Google Google

      Weltweit werden derzeit (Stand: Mai 2012) Homosexuelle in 78 der 193 Mitgliedstaaten der Vereinten Nationen strafrechtlich verfolgt, so etwa in Nigeria, Uganda, Tansania, Simbabwe, Angola, Jamaika, Belize und in den meisten islamischen Staaten, wobei in fünf dieser Länder - Iran, Jemen, Sudan, Saudi-Arabien und Mauretanien - sowie in Teilen Nigerias und Somalias die Todesstrafe für gleichgeschlechtlichen Verkehr vorgesehen ist. In Indien und dem Irak ist die rechtliche Lage unklar oder nicht überschaubar.[31]

    29. Lgnd1

      Oh hi Kimmel your show sucks. It's at level of garbage.

      1. burrnz z

        What! A logical person?! I hadn't seen one for so long.

    30. Barry Sorento

      Mickey Mao really hates Trump. Personally I can't stand a propagandist

    31. Calvin Hall

      Funny how he calls conservatives the mob. Even though the far left is a literal mob. People like this discust me

      1. Calvin Hall

        based no like I said to the last person stop putting words in my mouth

      2. case based

        @Calvin Hall Oh so it’s only a “mob” if it’s people you disagree with lmao. Got it👌

      3. Calvin Hall

        @Ann A no I was talking about the people who protested in the buildings they paid for and the other group that destroyed and looted towns. That is what I was talking about don't put words in my mouth

    32. The Conductor Esplin

      Wow so is this the place where i abandon my thought and reason because 101101 0RANG MAN BAD 11101101 ... :/ .... I wonder if jimmy knows any jokes other than himself

    33. Silent Syzzle

      The American government put the unemployment benefits in the hands of a security app maker and now millions of Americans needing unemployment are stuck with absolutely no help what so ever!

    34. reln72

      I cant stand Trump by any measure but if he didnt actively instigate the riots he cant be held accountable. After all he did say that the protestors to "peacefully" let their voices be heard. He definitely set an environment of resentment by his voters but he unless he actively incited the crowd to act violently he cant be held accountable.

    35. Jesse Joseph

      How do you feel about that “rock solid case” against trump Jimmy ??? You are trash and super dividing

    36. Mond Hase

      I searched for jordan 12s and this came up for some reason

    37. D.R. Butler

      Has no one noticed that the 'impeachment' was merely a way to get Trump out of facing a civil trial in court?

    38. bc rock 86

      Imagine a world where a second rate comic wasn't playing a third rate political analyst.

    39. Soumyadip Mukhopadhyay

      Well, I am an Indian and I don't know if I should comment on this matter... But the trial of Donald Trump was so much fun. However, I think the Democrats needed a better lawyer. Donald Trump's defence attorney was an absolute beast when compared to his Democrat counterparts. He might have won even if it was in front of a neutral Jury instead of the Senate. And this is coming from an absolutely neutral person. Buck up democrats. Hold people accountable instead of celebrating prematurtely.

      1. case based

        You clearly know nothing on this matter. Even Trump *himself* and conservative media were mad at his attorneys for how poorly they did.

    40. Mooncher

      So funny.....

    41. Bug Dust

      The reason Trump's impeachment collapsed and he was found not guilty was very simple. The Democrat party was using forged documents as evidence. Two of the squirrels who helped setup this scam were Schumer and Pelosi. Both of these people should be thinking about early retirement. It is going to take many years before the Democrat party can regain the respect of the American citizens.

    42. Pac Man

      Jimmy Kimmel having night sweats after Trump (2-0) wins again, no more material on Trump come up with something new loser.

    43. Mr. Moore

      You believe trump incited the insurrection. But you don’t believe Biden’s sleeping with the Chinese enemy? You don’t believe that letting thousands of illegal immigrants flooding the border isn’t to get all those extra votes in 2024? That’s an insurrection to overturn the election Biden himself. But that’s ok right? Trumps team didn’t need the full time to defend him, doesn’t take that long to show how the forged and lied about evidence. Call me stupid that’s your right and freedom of speech wich btw Biden’s team is trying to strip you of your rights. But your ok to be Biden’s puppet.

    44. Sheeple hunter

      WTF does Karl Malone know about the real world?

    45. samuel briones

      Hahahahah just swallowed his own s*it. Shame on you kimmy? Timmy? Nuuh

    46. Jay T

      Isn't that how you reacted to plain side evidence of voting fraught Joe budden actually set on life TV he and Obama Had set up the biggest voting fraught Campan in America For the last 4 months you guys are asking for evidence when we started giving it You guys start censoring us What a fraud you are

    47. Nick Mckain

      You’re a tv show host not a politician

      1. Nick Mckain

        @Ann A politicians may talk about politics retarted late night show hosts who know nothing shouldn’t open their mouth about it.

    48. Joshua d'Estoville

      Too bad your colleagues of the establishment thought they could triumph by fabricating evidence. Maybe you should share something actually meaningful- something like the reported deaths of patients having a run-in with Mr. Pfizer in Norway.

    49. Dani Neeley

      Hmm.. maybe you should outline how NOT to falsify evidence.

    50. barrett anderson

      As Owen Benjamin says, “Ladies and gentlemen, comedy.”

    51. Jorge Stolfi

      Please, don't give air time to those Fox scumbags. They are not funny, they are just nauseating.

    52. Kim Moseley

      Jimmy's obsession with Trump will never end .

    53. HyDrO CrAzE

      No need to worry about losing their seats at all...they've all been on their knees for the past 4 plus years.

    54. o7

      3:30 As an australian, I can confirm that kangeroos across the country are offended

    55. Nathan Eapen

      That didn't go well, did it?

    56. Glenn Hubbard

      Well, Kimmel, that didn't work out, did it? So funny. Thanks for turning late night TV into your own personal and petty civil war.

    57. Starforge1

      Proof Jimmy is delusional.

    58. jerry thompson

      what about Jimmy's good freinds that went to lottia island, can't cover up for them much longer

    59. Julia Montez

      It doesn’t sit well with me that he brought up Brittany Spears.. it’s like he minimized her victimhood

    60. James Pappas

      This aged well.

    61. Isabel Marian

      Proud of Mitt Romney 😀🙏

    62. Neil Randecker

      Isik kappy said Jimmy's a pedifiel

    63. Irma Sam

      THIS IS ME HUH ? Well it may well be very soon, " HERE I AM" behind bars. Or " ON MY WAY TO PAY A HUGE FINE"

    64. Xarl VIII Legion

      This aged well.

    65. Isabella Lombardo

      still a better platform than “i hate the other one so let’s elect a segregationist who was disqualified from the presidential election twice already”

    66. Isabella Lombardo

      aweee if only y’all would’ve had enough evidence to be successful the second time 🥺 while were impeaching people who are no longer in office might i suggest some war criminals such as Obama or Hillary?

    67. Melanie Renshaw

      Jimmy Kimmel is the worst human. Always putting others down for the sake of his fame. I'm talking everybody that he can!!! If he were republican he'd lose his job. One day I am hoping that tables are turned and he loses his job because he breeds hatred, always laughing at the expense of others, putting other people down, shaming them .All the while pretending he is a good person. Hypocrisy at Hollywood's finest.

    68. simfer 678

      This didn't age well... Lmao

    69. SlipStreamer _

      Jimmy you a horrible person

    70. MumboJumboZXC

      How’d that work out? ^_^

    71. Dave Foreman

      I’m old enough to remember when late shows were actually entertaining. Kimmel is a bum.

      1. Pandas are cool

        I switched to Conan years ago

    72. PAPI Chilo

      Yes it doesn't mean he is innocent HOWEVER it definitely means their decision to aquit him will come back to haunt them & unfortunately the rest of us

    73. Northern Drone Werx

      OMG! Every single one of the republicans that voted to convict Trump was on the tiny predicted list of Republicans @1:44. Mind Blown!

    74. Roman Empire

      Nice, now do Kamala Harris next! You got plenty of material on that one XD, start with the easiest: her bailout fund that she promoted and was used to release riot criminals back into the street to continue contributing to the Millions of dollars in damages and livelihoods of people...

    75. hope gomes

      We're all demoralized. I call BS

      1. hope gomes

        Republicans acquit. I am saving up my fury to vote against them all again 🖕

    76. Michael Valente

      jimmy and stephen need to be cancelled.

      1. Richard Abu

        @case based They can continue to talk i am just saying nobody in the real world cares about what they think. They are whinny and entitled.

      2. case based

        @Richard Abu “My side is the one against cancel culture...but anyone I disagree needs to stay out of politics and be cancelled!!”

      3. Richard Abu

        I agree. These celebs need to stay out of politics.

    77. Ana Port

      You're patience Jimmy I thumb down your video and didn't care to watch your lousy speech go take care of your kid the one you were crying about because he was sick...maybe of you.

    78. Dave Lee


    79. Jimmy B

      This reminded me of a really weird game of ‘Guess who’, does your person have blue eyes, and re-election in 2024?

    80. Irma Sam

      There you go. The rogue gallery!!!!

    81. It's Ok To Be White

      Nancy 0.2 Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    82. brian loehnis

      We need to understand the tail is wagging the dog in america - we have only one way to make any real change in politics - with our buying power - nothing scares politicians more - than a BOYCOTT on any donors business! They will drop the offending politician from their MONEY - that will get their attention. We will NEED everybodys help with the new political party - the party of MONEY - who do you think will scare politicians - voters? get real - they kneel at the alter of the DOLLAR & to keep their JOB. We can have a list of republicans who voted against conviction of T----- Let them know we do not agree with their vote by not buying any products that support their decision - who gives them donations? JUST STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS - that is really the last power left to WE THE PEOPLE. just my opinion - what do you think?

    83. Jacob Jones

      D Trump screwed all his supporting rioters at the capitol hill raid by denying he incited anything to them, yet it was clear they where acting under his words. -- Once his reputation is in danger, he will drop you so quick, you wont see it coming -- -- Trump supporters are IDIOTS who dont do enough research about him, he's just another Walter mitty --

    84. Chief Joseph

      Trump 2, Nancy 0.

    85. Esequiel Monzon

      Misinformation and feelings being hurt is all this man covers.

    86. Esequiel Monzon

      This man is the male version of pelosi and her tantrums.

    87. joreal25

      make fun now.. acquitted hun?

    88. John Oehrlein

      Time to say FAAAAAAAAAA......Q to all of these wacky Q-saders !!!!

    89. John Oehrlein

      Next, Trump will going for a 3-PEACH !!!!

    90. Droppedmybaby

      Well the jokes don’t make sense now that he’s acquitted

    91. Kimber Lee


    92. Shayle T

      Ted says "people are entitled to be idiots".... And he would know!!!!

    93. The Truth Is Out 777


    94. L. B.

      Right... Jimmy gives a child's perspective of an impeachment conviction... eye roll. Jimmy, that's why your are nothing more than an irrelevant "comedian".

    95. Havendale Blvd

      Let the games begin.

    96. Alex Leynes

      I will always remember how Jimmy Kimmel insulted our President, our national dress,, He should do or make an apology to the Pilipino people. He has no right to Judge or insult people for a sake of a joke

      1. Aikee

        Ano nanyare lods?

    97. Peter Ponomarenko

      Kimmel is as Illuminati as one can be. He has been their little mouthpiece since Day One on the job. Even Scientology would be proud to have him.

    98. Doc G

      How's that conviction coming along smarty pants?...

    99. Emma and Jovie