Evanescence - Wasted On You

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Evanescence perform the song Wasted On You on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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    1. Marcos Roberto Ferreira

      Eu amo essa mulher, ela é minha Deusa.

    2. Josué Ramiro

      Can't wait for THE BITTER TRUTH

    3. Josué Ramiro

      This was amazing! Those vocals and guitars ♥

    4. Ricardo Arriola

      Remember Bill and Ted, how they brought world peace...that story was really about Evanescence and Amy Lee

    5. Gretta A.

      It hás been 18 years that I love this Band!

    6. Danielle Mitchals

      I wasn't expecting such Power, really good

    7. Diego Sabino

      *["Wasted on You" Lyrics with Evanescence]* [Chorus] I don't need drugs I'm already six feet low Wasted on you Waitin' for a miracle I can't move on Feels like we're frozen in time I'm wasted on you Just pass me the bitter truth [Verse 1] Love, don't you remember? We were the ones Nothing could ever change and Love, it's easier not to believe We have broken everything But here we are [Pre-Chorus] Numb my head 'Til I can't think anymore But I still feel the pain [Chorus] I don't need drugs I'm already six feet low Wasted on you Waitin' for a miracle I can't move on Feels like we're frozen in time I'm wasted on you Just pass me the bitter truth [Verse 2] Once, this was a garden This was a world All of the nightmares stayed in the dark A little too much time by yourself And you become the enemy Just look at us now [Pre-Chorus] Drowning slowly Just to stay true [Chorus] I don't need drugs I'm already six feet low Wasted on you Waitin' for a miracle And I can't move on I feel like we're frozen in time I'm wasted on you Just pass me the bitter truth [Bridge] Will I ever be the same? (Will I ever be the same?) Am I strong enough to change? (Am I strong enough to change?) Is it in my blood? Shield my eyes to face the day (Shield my eyes to face the day) Come too far to slip away (Come too far to slip away) But it's killing me to go on without you [Chorus] I don't need drugs I'm already six feet low I'm wasted on you (Wasted on) Waitin' for a miracle I can't move on Like we're frozen in time I'm wasted on you (Wasted on you) Just pass me the bitter truth

    8. Maiara Alves

      I'm still here for them

    9. Alicia Romero

      Hermoso siempre me e fijado que Amy Lee agarra el micrófono con ambas manos y más con la izquierda jajaja pero canta fenomenal

    10. Imaginary Soul

      100 ppl are tone-deaf

    11. GG L o v e s g o r i l l a z & m j


    12. Mari Tolas

      Unica,voce di velluto.🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

    13. StrawberryPavlova1

      Evanescence deserves so much more recognition, I am glad they got to play on Jimmy Kimmel. One of the greatest bands ever.

    14. rose191991

      Bring me to life & Going under & my immortal - still on my playlist...why they stopped?

    15. Billy Tzeng

      0:30 Totoro!

    16. shigaara

      cant wait for album release!!

    17. Azizah Alwi

      her voice is still the same as I listen to from the first time on my high school time

    18. Robert Rodrigues


    19. MA PE

      Sorry, not there yet

    20. Heather Cheyenne Scullawl

      I love this so much. 2021 needs evanescence bad. Like bad bad.

    21. Apple Blue

      J'aime cette chanson, cette voix, sublime !!!

    22. Christian Felan

      Still following them as they put out great music. I'll always love her voice!! (I met her backstage once and got to give her a hug.)

    23. Lana Rivéra Chen

      Evanescence, my teenage days entertainment ❤️🤘🤘🤘

    24. Jose Chavez

      I thought this was Morgan Wallen cover

    25. Aislinn Liahut

      I don't need drugs, I need Evanescence 🖤

    26. Aislinn Liahut


    27. Derick Johnson

      Goose rubs it in my face, Taylor says your in love maybe, maybe not.

    28. lovePanic!

      So so fantastic. I need a collaboration with Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco. Their voices would be insane together.

    29. Chris Reed

      Man they really ripped off Radiohead's Creep

      1. strange person

        This literally sounds nothing like Creep.

    30. J. Copenhaver

      Always a Class Act!

    31. THE TRUTH magic

      I love Amy💕

    32. Larry Lindgren

      I always say it but it's scary how much better she is live now. She went from being not very good when she was young (most of the time) to amazing (now) over the years. You could put Amy up against anyone live now and she's probably out do them. At 18 you could never have said that. She was either good or terrible back then.

    33. Sunil W

      I've been listening to Evanescence for 22 years now.. I'm only 21.

    34. Doydoolanne Park

      Before Adele, before Billie Eilish there was Amy Lee/Evanescence. Back in the day there was similar hype about Evanescence , they were everywhere

    35. Erica Richard

      This song sounds like another song but i can’t put my finger on it lol. Couple different songs tbh. I even hear a little spice girls 😂

    36. Long Live Jahseh D. Onfroy

      I live for Evanescence 🖤

    37. Paola Barreto

      AHHHH 😍😍😍😍😍 I'm so Proud of Them, I love You So Much Guys 😍❤ Amy Lee My Queen 😘💕

    38. Ramon Jimenez

      Lovely performance I like this song, Evanescence is back! Have a nice 2021!

    39. K -Ray

      Man, they were so good in the early 2000's.

    40. xo-Tetra

      HELL YES!!!!!!!!

    41. William Phillips

      Amy lee does not age at all

    42. whatever20030

      Amy Lee’s voice is awesome. The one singer I would love to see do Zombie by the Cranberries. Totally underrated vocalist

    43. Rod HxC

      This performance was so magical and the neon lighting was incredibly neat and Amy looking gorgeous as ever. Big fan of Evanescence.

    44. jass INC

      Love them! Had the chance to see them live and sound amazing!

    45. Thechico Tube

      the clean guitar tone is soooooooooo goood

      1. Thechico Tube

        if anyone knows what pedal was used or can get a simillar sound please enlighten us

    46. Rodrigo Oliveira

      1:37 Pernambuco?

    47. Caleb H Drummer


    48. Hezekiah Rodriguez

      It's good to see them perform live again! 🤘🏼 They did a great job! 🖤 And thank you for having them here, Jimmy! 😁

    49. Gaming Village

      Amy Lee as a lead singer & Kurt Cobain as a Drummer this band can't get any better.

    50. tuluks Vui

      One of my fav bands back in high school

    51. Themis Spanopoulos


    52. Yuyun Nur


      1. Yuyun Nur

        Keren 🤟🏻

      2. alfian


    53. E M.

      Voice is still beautiful

    54. deshawn buckner

      What's all this they are " Back " nonsense 👀 they never fell off 😐

    55. Tuyana Saganova


    56. Maria Mary

      Mi Banda favorita 🤍

    57. King russell :p


    58. Shan Liu

      nice to see you guys again. lots of love.

    59. Gold Silver Platinum

      I've been in love with this band for the past 10 years!! 💕💕💕

    60. Melissa Walls

      I love Evanescence's new album. One of my favorite bands..❤

    61. Gabrielle Crichlow

      I'm here for this!

    62. Daniél Silvestre

      That's so good

    63. Somar Chimon

      Omg I love her so much

    64. Somar Chimon

      Omg Jimmy

    65. Rafael Laveau


    66. Stefani T.

      When’s the concert?? I wouldn’t miss it for anything!

    67. Junior

      Damn her voice still hits hard

    68. uni corn

      This is basically a music video shot from home. Not a true live performance. No one even quarntines anymore so just perform it in person like a true band should.not entertaining

    69. Lee Lee Evan Lee

      Amy is the reason why I listen to rock and metal! 🤘🏽🤘🏽

    70. Jociele Lopez


    71. Aiolia696 Gameplay


    72. Sebastianè

      My queen ✨✨✨✨✨✨ evanescence is back

    73. gamze durmuş

      Amy lee ühühü

    74. João Victor

      3:45 HELL YEAH

    75. Edejoro Oguname

      I'm not a rock fan but i love dis group and i still listen to "Breathe" on my phone till date

    76. filly devotie

      horrible sad and dark dark dark..get a new lead singer

    77. Fasil Limerick

      Sounds creepy, as in Radiohead's Creep.

    78. Steph S

      But I'm a creep I'm a weirdo What the hell am I doin' here? I don't belong here

    79. IrisKHearn

      Yassssssssss!!! Love her vocals, she was missed

    80. Danny

      First idkhow and now Evanescence?! 🤗❤️

    81. God of Yami

      so is this not copyright infringement by jimmy kimmel? seems odd everyone else gets a take down but he doesnt...

      1. Danny

        What do you mean? They played on his show

    82. Svetlyachok

      that voice💕💕💕

    83. Derick Johnson

      Test, Why I like goose,he supports gangland jack, jack fest.

    84. mustafa hy

      love this band, and amy is the best

    85. zoedarc

      I've been a fan since I was 10, and now I'm 21... wow! Yay Evanescence!!! You rock

    86. Zelda's Lullaby

      Amy has a Rainbow Brite doll.... :D

    87. Michael S.

      Jen definitively wins the award for coolest quarantine haircut! rock on!

    88. Robert Case


    89. Crystal Lee

      LETS GOOOOOOO omg 🥺🥺🥺

    90. João Miguel Games

      Como essa mulher é perfeita meu deus 🖤

    91. And Daiz3nt



      ну так себе, песня не проникает в душу, как ранее творчество ребят. но спето кнчн клёво

    93. e3msb

      A breath of fresh air during these bad times, fabulous as always.

    94. branxtwilight

      nice ALF doll :)

    95. Stacey Rael

      I love her

    96. millerhxc

      Didn't this song come out almost a year ago?

      1. Miguel Romero

        Yes and it was nominated for a VMA. Personally, I’d rather have listened to “Yeah Right”, their latest song out, but it was a nice performance though.

    97. Zellem

      Rock music needs a good comeback! i am sick of tired of these new artists

    98. Dr. Peyton Westlake

      I love amy lee band since 2003 until forever