Karen Dolls!

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    There are so many inspiring young Karens around the world, so we decided to make a new line of dolls out of the women who Mattel it like it is.
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    1. Emmett Benezra

      Is it just me or does the Qanon congresswoman Karen resemble Marjorie-Taylor Greene?

    2. Eileen Lester


    3. Glemmy


    4. Michelle Baker

      Where do I buy one

    5. Michelle Baker


    6. AJ 21K

      Before their was Karen there was Carl. GOD DAMMIT CARL!!!

    7. ursulajoni15

      Oh my God before she sees anything.. suspicious picture of an interracial couple I'm dying Also I'm not going to ask because seitan steak and I'm an American citizen

    8. 7466ypb

      Karen's are no longer White or American... Like covid they've gone global! I'm from Mexico we got our own Mexican version of them too!🤣

    9. Cosmic-Christ Superstar

      Jimmy Kimmel's net worth is roughly $50 million. PLENTY of Privilege!!! LOL! You Tell 'em JK!

    10. Avinash Singh

      I would so buy this just the troll my daughters 🤣

    11. Love Family Doll Show

      I know a Karen at work and I notice she’s been very bitter ever sense these KARENs have ruined her name or maybe this was in her the whole entire time 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣🤣🤣

    12. 郑雅婷

      Jajaja, I can't breath, OMG. Why this video isn't it viral. Is the perfect Karen. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 I love the final slogan "Don't tell her no"

    13. Johnny Donnahue

      Collect them before the democrats steal them so true for republicans not me

    14. Sailor Aesthetic

      *Quickly puts into Amazon search bar*

    15. Denise Brathwaite

      Is it weird that I want one🤣

    16. Madeleine Wilson-Witte

      Omg I am dead 🤣

    17. JMDM Majah

      haha, the real Karen is not the other side!

    18. D OA


    19. Lexxx

      actually had a Karen Scream at me a few hours ago cuz SHE didn't have HER receipt. shout out to all the Karens out there!

    20. robert jones

      Nancy Pelosi is a Karen too

    21. Cm J

      I'm not white but people need Jesus, all of us . Republican-democrat, all of us all over the world. People need to lift each other up. I would have laughed at this a couple years ago but I see how bad things are getting. People attacking each other for no reason people have been through a lot this year you know people are having mental health issues and spiritual issues, and it's being made fun of. It's just sad and it's being taken to another whole other level and it appears to just be getting worse. Not right. Not cool, not funny, it's actually sad...the total Hypocrisy that's going on in the world right now is unacceptable. Listen / look and look and see how we're teaching our kids to be to people?.. it's shameful. doesn't matter what the color is, doesn't matter. They're trying to divide us, cant anybody see? Everybody needs to be made aware of what side of history they're on .. do not be deceived . if the doll was black or Asian or Indian and her name was an African American, Asian or Indian name... it would be all over and who knows maybe rioting in the streets and Jimmy's show would be canceled. If people were honest about it ...but hey Satan is obviously running this world these days and people are not honest or other good things these days. Y'all might want to read the last book of the Bible called Revelation.. it matters. We can do so much better.

    22. MAT BBGun

      If the corporate TV in my country publicly ridiculised regular people in this way, there would be no TV no more 😉

    23. Connie Goldnr


    24. Carrieanne Michelle

      This is so funny.

    25. Hope Perez

      Lol... wear a mask in Trader Joe's... I have a breathing problem.

    26. JJ Galavants Locally

      Someone come pick me up off the floor!! This is tooo hilarious!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    27. ActiveCity

      Where can I buy?

    28. Vince Lee

      "Where is your manager?" "Don't tell her no!!" LMAO

    29. BrewDemon

      Just listened to the song Calm Down Karen and now this. Can anybody stop these Karens???

    30. Margaret Peabody

      Karen definitely gets a 10 that is the segment not the dolls way to blow it away Jimmy.

    31. Tony R

      Thanks for the laugh.. hilarious!

    32. Alize C

      this is so funny🤣

    33. believe 777

      Jimmy Kimmel needs to wear a permanent mask

    34. Stephanie Flynn


    35. James S Brantley

      "SO many choi-ces! Where is your manager?" has been reverberating around my head now for hours...

    36. THE RAT


    37. ccefc_families

      Good job showing us the most toxic women in the US!

    38. Merritt N

      oh come on now "these inflexible dolls comes with..."👍👍👍👍

    39. Christine Justice

      She’s the absolute worst. Lol 😆

    40. Alex Yuen

      Oh No!!! SOLD OUT!

    41. BLATINO40


    42. Melissa S


    43. eric gilman

      Should have my pillow Ken comes complete with pillow and crack pipe.

      1. Troy Turner


    44. R DoubleU


    45. Lyric Rogers


    46. Britt

      Not shocked that most Karens are blonde

    47. IT'S BARBIE

      I love how they parodied the Barbie Fashionistas commercial😂😂😂😭

    48. Cookie Ramos

      Brilliant! 🤣🤣

    49. DodgerFan1988

      Thumbs Down Karen

    50. Keri Fisher

      This is sooooo funny

    51. Kristi L

      I wonder if the real Karen’s got some sort of compensation for using their identity since it was showing their videos. Lol if not major law suit in JKL and or the people who created these ad. Still funny as hell though. Can’t wait for the next wave of Karen dolls because they miss produce other Karen’s we’ve seen online lmao 😂

    52. Antoine Ducharme

      I hope theres a second wave coming their so many stupid Karen out there

    53. Antoine Ducharme

      That made me laugh so much

    54. Cynthia Pickett

      Good spoof commercial for once.

    55. IC URANIS

      I'm curious if anyone is conducting a study on the divorce rate percentages of Karen's? I suspect the rage factor is of high contribution.

    56. Parnell Marshall

      Comes wit boots cut jeans 👖 lmfao 😂🔥🤣😂🔥🤣😂🔥🤣😂

    57. Laurie Bertolett

      Good one! 🤣

    58. jarry jayo

      They missed the best new Karen doll yet, Angry Dunkin donut Karen who thinks a Dozen Donuts is 50!

    59. nathalie wade

      where can we get there i actually want one lolol

    60. arye7464

      EXCELLENT!!!! lololololol

    61. Ash Brennan

      This is brilliant! I hope there are more Karen doll videos to come!

    62. Barbie. Travels

      Omg....Hilarious!!!! I love it!

    63. Zullivan Salazar


    64. Hamza Mustafa

      Wanna know what worst then hell A neighbour hood of Karen

    65. fbueller

      Love this! So many choices... LOL

    66. Rachel Swanson

      This is great

    67. Okosun Tom

      hahhahaha so hilarious.The Q anon congress woman Karen takes the cake and the voices are apt.The Soho Karen ought to be included in this group.

    68. phil l

      did anyone catch that the sound effect the one girl made while firing the "Congresswoman Karen's" gun was "pew pew, jew"?

    69. Tweety

      This is really funny

    70. Nori Jean

      She speaks one ultimate phrase that gets her through life: "Let me talk to your manager!" 🗣️👤

    71. D Bo


    72. That Guy

      I feel like these will be sold at "Spencer's" 🤣

    73. Michelle Jester

      What cracks me up is that (at least in my Midwestern state) hard core Trumper women think Dems are the Karens!!!! They are SO DELUSIONAL. Not even funny!!

    74. Nancoman

      Liberals still play with dolls.

      1. jjj1951

        That's your comeback? Go back in the basement.

    75. BdR76

      I'd like to talk to the manager about this new toy line *angry finger pointing

    76. stimpy 17

      How long has jimmy hated Women enough to hold them up for public ridicule?

      1. jjj1951

        Is that Stimpy or stumpy?

    77. Christopher Long

      But now and they’ll include a pack of Virgina Slims and a one free coffee from Stackbucks!

    78. Bitey Nibbles

      Karen dolls dont come with masks because Karens "dont have to wear a mask." Its against her freedom rights, including the right to spread deadly disease to those around her.

    79. Vffcv Ggf

      You forgot the Karen that wears a mask in her car.

    80. Birthday Cake

      You forgot the Colorado Karen Congresswoman Booger Boebert as a doll. She's an evil Karen as MTG from Congress.

    81. fanny brice

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is hysterical!!! Im in tears im laughing so hard!!

      1. Krazy Karen tv

        Get your Karen report here with me 😁😁👍

    82. collin Williams

      Trader Joe's Karen the best thing ever

    83. R R

      No seriously where can be buy these 😂

    84. Phoebe Ho

      Oh that slaps me on the knee. Don't name your baby girl Karen. How could you do such a thing???

    85. NetScavenger

      Hammer Karen doll

    86. Brett Paradise

      Not Karen’s IVANKAs

    87. Fabiha Ahamed Safa

      Where is ur manager? 😂

      1. Krazy Karen tv

        Get your Karen report here with me 😁😁👍

    88. Jocelyn Freeze

      Uh Jim, you're a male Karen

      1. jjj1951

        that's the best comeback you got?

    89. Whole Food Plant Based Mama

      That was hysterical. someone ought to send one of these each to those TikTok Karens!

    90. Bekahoot

      Some people are saying Karen is a racial slur or misogynistic term, saying that there is no male equivalent. Others are saying that any woman who speaks up (such as to ask people to wear masks) risks being called a Karen. As a white woman, I disagree. It's important to speak out for things that are important, and to try to right real wrongs, but not to use our privilege to cause harm to others. Oh, and his name is Donald.

    91. Richard Parsley

      "Each inflexible doll..." omg - lol

      1. Troy Turner

        The "plenty of privilege" line killed me☠🤣

      2. R R

        The shade

    92. daddy 33

      How much for the mini Lazer gun 🔫 barbie. It's almost my daughter's b-day. Its a joke lmfao. Lol include the Amazon order number 😄.

    93. David

      Dog Walker Karen shouldn't come with a leash.

    94. Potato With arms

      Damn man talk shows jumping on the internet trends again

    95. Wonder Lady

      Amber Heard Dolls

    96. Appelflap

      85 Karen's disliked this

    97. Rayhaan Pirani

      Karens= dislikes Aliens who dk abt karens= like

    98. William Gum

      This is the best idea ever

    99. Lemme_Smell_It

      This has gotta be the one good part of being one of these awful women, getting your own doll. They’re pretty sweet.

    100. Bill James

      This is awesome, like a bunch of Karen videos together on steroids. Perfect match for the Calm Down Karen song I just listened to on DEcameras.