Kate Hudson on Coping in Quarantine, Golden Globe Nomination & Reaction to New Movie Music

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Kate talks about being in lockdown, getting back into vinyl, music helping her through quarantine, the idea of transitioning back into regular society, singing songs written by Sia for her new movie Music, controversy surrounding the film, the importance of representation, and the necessary ongoing dialogue about neurotypical actors portraying neurodivergent characters.
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    1. finn

      if anyone’s wondering, they start talking about [REDACTED] at 6:24

    2. Tom's Alaska

      Most boring hot actress in hollywood

    3. Rian Gomes

      I love the film ❣️

    4. Orla Martin

      There was no sensitivity even slightly considered when making this movie. I am autistic and I had to stop watching the music videos because of the flashing lights, bright colours and so much touching. There was no sensitivity considered when making this film. They aren't listening. Sia literally insulted an autistic actress because she wasn't good enough and just said that people were making unfair judgements about a film they hadn't seen BUT even by the minute and a half trailer, it was made apparent that autism and autistic people were not considered and was just used as an extra 'empowering' point when it came to award show nominations. I am so sick of everyone involved in the movie only commenting on the easiest criticism; the casting of a neurotypical actress instead of an autistic actress. The even more harmful issues is the harmful restraining of the autistic character, the consultation with essentially an autism hate group and lack of facilitating or even considering the problems that might be caused by the flashing images, loud noises, etc

    5. Krissa Louvae

      My favorite actress! And I didn't know she could sing! ... Congrats on the nomination! 👍🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟

    6. Val Alien

      "This is an important conversation to have" yeah, maybe with the people that LIVE like this? Like autistic people? NOT PEOPLE that "know about it" You CANT speak about representation when the people you are representing ARENT IN THE MOVIE.

    7. Savannah

      So disappointed in Jimmy for giving her a platform with this disgrace to humanity they call a movie.

      1. Kales Monroe

        OMG SO MUCH drama!

    8. Jasmine C

      As someone who has a young child with autism. It terrifies me that people may think that a prone restraint could be seen in anyways as being crushed by love.

    9. BrandonJ1068

      I get her point about "telling stories" and how that's important, but it misses the more essential factor: how you're doing it. It's not just that they're trying to tell this story but how they about it (in the worst way).

    10. Joshua Rodriguez

      Further proof how much a joke these award shows are

    11. Alexandra Zimmermann

      As an autistic person, I don't care how good the intentions are with this film, it's an awful caricature of our community, not to mention the movie itself is so overwhelming sensory-wise. I'm not even upset about a neurotypical actress portraying an autistic person, I'm more upset about the portrayal itself and how the script was written. There are certainly autistic people who act like this, there's a reason it's a stereotype, but this movie just feels like a mockery, rather than a kind, truthful portrayal. Non-speaking autistics are so misunderstood by the general public and need more representation, but this is not the way to go about it.

    12. klausweasley

      "When people see this movie, they'll see the love and sensitivity put into it" - That's not true. I have a lot of friends in the autism spectrum. They saw this movie and they HATED it.

      1. PixelThe SpacePrincess

        Im autistic ive seen bits of it it made me cry ty for speekijg up

    13. Seth Larson

      I still say it’s not fair we’ve had 3 Hugh Jackman musicals before getting one Kate Hudson song.

    14. Gustavo Esquivel

      My brother has autism, and he does behave this way on many occasions. It's true, the autism spectrum is too big and varied, but Sia decided this guy, he CANNOT make an eternal movie where they represent everyone. If you are taking offense because the protagonist has these behaviors, you are the discriminators yourself by not accepting that such people exist, the film is simply making it visible. Many people, even some people with autism other than this, are complaining because "this is not the majority of autistic people", that only reinforces the non-acceptance of people who are. If you want a quiet and gifted autistic person you can see "the good doctor", for example. There is a lot of diverse representation out there, that Sia wanted to choose this type of representation is not a reason for them to be so aggressive with her and with the people involved in the production of the film. Instead of hating, just don't watch the movie. Because of rough people in their words like you, sometimes content creators can't even continue a normal life, they just want to contribute and you only overshadow those intentions. Be careful with your words and the way you manipulate reality, "this does not represent me, ergo I'm offended", instead of looking at those things, maybe you can find the beauty in the colors of the film, in the music (soundtrack), in the context of it, in the landscapes, etc. And if you don't even want to try, just don't watch them. (I do not have autistic brother, it is a copy and paste of a Spanish comment, hablo español :/)

    15. Debra Koffski

      Loved this movie!!!

    16. dookie girl

      the way her and jimmy talk abt this movie is almost as unwatchable as the movie itself

    17. watersfan

      Sia did not encourage dialogue, she shut it down. That is part of why I think this thing blew up like it did. What feels weird about it all is that I think Sia is on the spectrum herself.

    18. Name 108

      How dare Kate appropriate the quarantine for her benefit! It's something we all share together so it's disgusting she brings it up while promoting a body of work.

    19. Miriam Sharkh

      She's drunk

    20. kurt cobain pizza

      Does anybody understand or comprehend what acting is? We're officially at the point in time where nobody can play anybody without offending somebody .

    21. Kayla Beaulieu

      This sounds like a Keith urban song I know LOL

    22. Joey Lynch

      She's still promoting the movie for the golden globe and it shows

    23. Jonathan Trauner

      The Academy Awards inspires me to be the first ever Israeli US immigrant citizen with Autism from Jerusalem Israel to win a Oscar Academy Award this April. I will be 27 years old this May in Jerusalem Israel and I work at Mobileye Intel in Jerusalem Israel

    24. SparkyGirl

      “ Tell me you hate Autistic people, without actually telling me you hate Autistic people”.

      1. PixelThe SpacePrincess

        😂😂 they only have to watch this film we no they hate us

    25. Jaime Espinosa Del Salto

      3:35 👁👄👁 I'm also worried about that too

    26. Parresiasta

      The movie is a parody, a cruel caricature. There's no love or sensitivity in it for the autistic community. She's all ego, she doesn't even care about all the problems with the movie, just the awards.The ongoing conversation and dialogue needed to be before, not after, the damage it's done. Horrible people.

    27. Aiofe Fern

      This movie is so offensive and disgusting it should anger and disturb everyone who is either Atypical or loves someone who is

    28. Vjitsu 888

      Whoever beat for the role DESERVED the job. One thing we r as the society is overly Apologizing. Less criticism and more appreciation the artistic and open minded! 😎

    29. Jennifer

      This movie was panned by critics and is just an objectively bad movie. All of it is just a failure of storytelling on top of a mountain of ableism. Who is paying to still promote it??

    30. William Dokken

      Almost Famous is always a good movie or the sound track on DEcameras! Love you Kate.

    31. Kristen Russell

      The fact this film is nominated for Golden Globes shows how ableist the film industry and media in general really is. The fact late night hosts like jimmy and actresses like Kate Hudson continue to promote the film is horrible. The ignorance in this interview is insane and should have been a red flag as to not tell a story that you not only know nothing about, but a story that is not yours to tell in the first place. I don’t care what Hollywood sees it’s role in society to be, what they tell themselves to feign importance. Recognize your ignorance and stop believing you have the ability or knowledge to speak on a subject you so obviously know nothing about. Stop vaguely referencing “a conversation” that needs to be had in regards to representation in cinema. Instead, listen to those actively speaking out against this harmful film, and act accordingly.

    32. Kristen Russell

      This interview shows how ignorant the filmmakers and cast are on the films subject. She keeps just circling around this vague “conservation” but not really addressing anything. She’s almost implying this movie is good and important since it opens a dialogue about autism, ignoring the fact that it is in actuality harmful for the autism community. She also keeps drawing the conversation out to a larger issue, which yeah there is most definitely a larger issue, but you should also address how exactly your film contributes to this larger issue. Jimmy and her trying to paint this movie in a positive light saying it was made with care and sensitivity shows that they are in fact not including the autistic people in this “conversation” at all. She is either too ignorant to talk on the subject with any substance, or willfully trying to promote the film despite its problematic and harmful nature. Probably a mix of the two sadly :(

    33. Carys

      The film has the most terrible reviews, I cannot believe it got nominated for golden globes, must be the film drought in pandemic times. The portrayal of autism was caricature-ish and unacceptable, it helps no one with autism, and only further perpetuates the stereotypes held by able-bodied people. If they sought to help then they failed miserably.

    34. Christa Keizer

      Jimmy should bring an actually autistic person on his show and stop talking about this movie.

    35. Ivaylo Iontchev

      She always has the same charm and charisma on screen like her mom. She has amazing chemistry with Matthew McConaughey.

    36. The Kid

      Just goes to show that people in Hollywood are not human beings

      1. Reece C

        You know, it seems like the most controversial words said by those in Hollywood are displayed on Jimmy Kimmel. Just a little over a year ago, an actress who was in a movie that was shot in my home town, just after it's release, went on the show and badmouthed the extras, some of whom I go to school with. It was almost as hard to watch as this.

    37. cici

      I will not see the film 'Music", This suggestion might be POSSIBLE: When the Film BEGINS, A STATEMENT is Included CLARIFYING the FACTS about AUTISM, and how the film is a CARICATURE of the TRUTH. This is one suggestion, I am CERTAIN others will have other suggestions...CERTAINLY Kate HUDSON with all the INFLUENCE and weight she and family have in the film world CAN and MUST DO THIS. MAKE IT RIGHT KATE, PLEASE. I watched this segment of Kate Hudson and Jimmy Kimmel hoping to be entertained. I admit to know very little about Autism. I know very little about Sia...my granddaughter introduced me to her a couple of years ago...she loves her presence, her sense of style, and voice, among other qualities. I listened to the conversation about Hudson's new film Music with interest...then the 'clip' was played. I started feeling sick...really unsteady....it bothered me. I looked away, still needing to know what THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT, their explanations seemed odd, Kate was trying/justifying? something..I didn't realize the 'controversy' about the Film, and I don't follow social media. I was at a loss. At the end of the Interview, I came to the Comments section, I realize, I very much need to learn about Autism and begin to understand the challenges faced daily by each person who is being 'judged' and labeled 'Autistic.) Frankly I am still very confused about Autism but having started looking into the subject of the 'neurodiversity paradigm' and the 'neurodiversity movement', I see I have a long long way to go. If nothing else my curiosity led me to read the many comments and to want to learn more. This is good. Thank you each. I found several Articles about Neurodiversity, and Neurodivergent people, how diverse and unique each is. Is this not how we must see our fellow-human?... Much to learn if one is willing. In the Beginning and the End what anyone living with a disability most needs is to be RESPECTED, LOVED, Treated with KINDNESS, COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING, and so many more BASIC QUALITIES every human being, every person needs. Love your neighbour and yourself.

    38. Olivia Gregory

      Her vinyl rediscovery is so Penny Lane

    39. Snow Champ

      How Happy and Cheerful she is She has the same age of my mother 👍👍 Wish her a happy life

    40. tom williams

      She's had a llllllllloooootttttttt of work done. She is unrecognizable from her younger self. Either that or I am officially senile now.

      1. tom williams

        @Sleepydog Good point.

      2. Sleepydog

        Or maybe she got older? I haven't seen her in a move since that ... PR "alright, alright, alright" guy selling diamonds and she writing some article about ho ... oh yeah, "How to loose a guy in ten days" :D :P

    41. ᄌᄄᄋᄌᄒᄆᄅᄄᄋᄋᄃᄒ

      Let's see, what can I be offended about today?

      1. Not-Me Ghost

        Especially if you are not autistic.

      2. Talkies

        You don’t have to be offended. But you have no right to determine when others should be.

    42. Tim Meller

      This interview is pretty awful and they basically ignore people's concerns about the movie.

      1. Kales Monroe

        God stop bitching. Do you even realize that literally NO ONE is going to want to engage in any type of communication as long as the autism community just bitches about literally every.......single......thing.

    43. M.D. SUDEAM

      Nobody cares if the rich are surviving through the pandemic.

    44. Aaryaman Nambiar

      People want this film's Golden Globe nominations should be taken away because of how offensive it is. But I think it shouldn't be nominated just because it is a crap, badly made, clearly vanity fuelled movie.

    45. Alina Grozea

      Excellent interview with a classy lady - Kate, I am sorry you are bullied by this disgusting vicious mob with no respect for private projects, art, cinematography and democracy. You did nothing wrong, Sia did nothing wrong, ignore the social media talibans and trust you art! Praying for those Golden Globes!

      1. Not-Me Ghost

        @TecnicStudios And we wont be silenced anymore.

      2. TecnicStudios

        ItS SO niCE tO sEe thAT NEuRotYPicALs aRE tAlkINg oVEr aNd trYiNg tO SIlenCe aUtiStic pEOpLe

    46. somebody

      We love you. Thank you and thank Sia for MUSIC

    47. Teresa WastingTime

      Wait she shaved her head for the movie and her hair is back already? Imagine growing up in a world where singing, dancing and acting lessons are just part of life. Her best interviews are with her brother talking about their life growing up with their hip parents.

      1. Jennifer

        i think they filmed it like 4 years ago. Maddie was 14 at the time and she's 18 now

    48. Lawrence C

      a few friends, an edible and a record player. my kinda gal

    49. Nafisa Palla

      Jimmy it’s not over until it’s over ... It will be somewhat not so normal until Billy starts Kindergarten!!

    50. Sherry Hesner


    51. J Lake

      I feel the same exact way about going back to normal and worrying can I still juggle the same kind of craziness we used to!

    52. Iriana Corona

      There was zero sensitivity and love put into that movie. I don’t even think they bothered to do proper research on autism. I genuinely hope this movie is the biggest fail of all time

      1. Ayla Paul

        They got their research from autism speaks a very ableist organization. The goal of autism speaks is too make autistic people cured and normal.

    53. Jess Marie

      This movie is so offensive to the autistic community. The fact that the cast is still promoting it and it even got nominated is infuriating

    54. btetschner

      I feel that Jimmy Kimmel is an excellent interviewer. Kate...not so much a great interviewee. Maybe she has anxiety issues? Thank you for the video.

    55. Shelby17

      Telling autistic people to watch the movie despite the multiplying issues it has just with the trailer, casting, and responses to the criticisms of the movie make me mad. As an autistic person, I won’t profit Sia or any actors to see the “the amount of love and sensitivity that was put into it,” as she said. Stop. Just stop. Why can’t you just apologize for working on an ableist movie instead of trying to defend it and excuse it? Clearly, you’re NOT listening to us.

    56. Joe Phantom

      She's a sweetheart

    57. Deanna Durben

      It’s awful that she’s continuing to promote this harmful movie. It was not made with love. If Sia hadn’t completely dissed and insulted autistic people on Twitter, I might buy that it was an innocent mistake

      1. TecnicStudios

        No, interviews (Sia compared autistic people to wigs) and the film itself already show it wasn't a mistake.

    58. TheTruthiest

      The problem isn't really having a "neurotypical" actress play this autistic character, it's that she did it in a very exaggerated caricature. The actress and filmmakers should have consulted with Kirk Lazarus, an expert in this field.

      1. PixelThe SpacePrincess

        It made me cry as an autistic adult felt like being mocked

      2. Not-Me Ghost

        @Plot Twist, Please! : The Podcast And more. Like the list is almost overwhelming.

      3. Plot Twist, Please! : The Podcast

        Autistic woman here. The problem is both.

    59. Carly M

      people aren’t feeling left out. they’re calling out the harm this entire movie and everyone involved in it are causing. this is a joke. no one involved cared about the disabled community and they still don’t. gross.

      1. kurt cobain pizza

        How the Hell did this film hurt anyone? You crybabies seriously need to grow up.

    60. Heather Whittaker

      Well it is not a movie I would see..that said..while Kate looks lovely..she does not look recognizeable..It's sad that younger and younger people are doing plastic surgery..sorry self obsession with looks..

    61. Kenetic12

      Quarantine over the common flu😂😂😂

    62. Miriam

      I really expected better from Kate Hudson and it sucks she doesn't regret her part in the tragic parody-like movie that was Music,

    63. Andria Hurley

      Kate Hudson will be so much fun too thek too

    64. paul mc

      Omg, Kate, if you're in your sweet little bare feet, you made me imagine you in your ultra sexy and tight personally designed leggings! 😍👀👣💅, boo hoo, guess I'll just keep dreaming, your body is custom made for them!

    65. Sally Ritchie

      Kate, your responsibility now goes so much further than “encouraging the conversation”. You are promoting Sia and accepting fame and recognition from something that you clearly know is wrong, dangerous and hurtful. It’s ridiculous that your only argument is “everyone going into it had good intentions”. Even if that is the case, Sia has since said things to purposely hurt the autistic community, with bad intention. Sia has said too many damaging things and Maddie is only 18, you are the responsible and reasonable adult in this situation who should actively stand up for what you know is right.

      1. holly_toledo

        The road to Hell was paved with good intentions.

      2. Sally Ritchie

        Also, it is NOT just the autism community who is in uproar about this movie. Neurotypical people are and should continue to advocate for what is right.

    66. Mikaela Vigliaturo

      People were mad about the film not just because they passed over disabled actresses, but because they used AutismSpeaks as a reference and made a film that completely misrepresented people with autism. Just saying, Kate’s excusal of and promotion of the film she starred in is bullshit.

      1. overshot

        @Alex Martínez people are generally pretty stupid. To understand that much nuance. Plus autism is already very misunderstood.

      2. Alex Martínez

        @Ran Sherman But the movie doesn’t promote it, Sia said that herself. I think it’s just there to show what some autistic people have dealt with in their lives. It’s not telling someone to do that, it’s just showing it. And yes, the restraint is bad, but that’s what a lot of people have learned thanks to the film.

      3. Alex Martínez

        Did they used AS as reference? As long as I know, they didn’t participate in the casting or production. They joined when the film was finished (which doesn’t imply that they are involved in the creation of the movie or the ideas promoted). Also, there’s people actually saying that Music represented them. Is their opinion in the matter less valuable than other autistic people’s opinions?

      4. Ran Sherman

        the misrepresentation and perpetuating stigma is bad enough, but the fact the movie portray prone restraint as an actual tool to calm autistic people (it isn't) is just horrifying. i actually had a chat about a father of a girl on the spectrum that said he uses restraint on her, he didn't respond when i send him links about its dangers and real methods to calm down. i'm honestly scared for this girl.

    67. Macy Cardwell

      "You go into a movie with only the best intentions, obviously..." No, Jimmy, they did not. They did not try hard enough to represent the autistic community in a way that was honest and beneficial. They did it in the way they wanted to, which turned out to be false and actively harmful. For you to prop the movie up on your platform, show only their side of the story, and present the movie as having "good intentions" is adding to that harm. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      1. Not-Me Ghost

        @Alina Grozea ​ Yeah we do know what harm means. Autistic people live it every day. How about the harm of wanting to die or when we hurt ourselves because we are not accepted and only ignored because of the stigma that we aren't capable of anything. Or harm from a world that is set up basically to cater to neurotypicals only causing us to fall below poverty line because we can't get proper jobs that we could actually excel in if we had the accommodations. Those are JUST 2 examples. There is so much more harm than you know that autistic people face every day and a movie like this doesn't show the real struggles we face. It follows the typical ableist NT stigma that we have been trying to counter for decades. We aren't worried about it being just a shitty movie. We expect the message to be clear and this fell short of even being coherent. Don't tell us there is no harm when you're not autistic.

      2. Plot Twist, Please! : The Podcast

        @Alina Grozea Are you autistic? Cuz I am. And I’m telling you it’s harmful.

      3. Alex Martínez

        @Macy Cardwell Hi, the scenes are gonna be deleted in future printings, and the warnings are gonna be added later too. Sia acknowledged this and apologized. I understand what you’re saying. Prone restraint is bad. It can cause harm and trauma. But I also can say that this is proving Kate’s point. Being able to have this conversation can teach a lot of people a lot of things related to autism. I can say I didn’t even know what autism is. I didn’t know why prone restraint is bad. I didn’t know there were nonspeaking autistic people. But having this topic in the spotlight can bring people to talk and learn. There’s learning in ignorance, ig Also, I think those restraints scenes are there to show what some autistic people live in their daily lives. Yes, the use of them is still bad, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t people that experience it or have experienced it.

      4. Macy Cardwell

        @Alina Grozea when I say that it's harmful, I'm mostly talking about the prone restraint scenes. There are scenes in the movie (I've heard that they were supposedly going to be removed, but I haven't seen it confirmed that they actually were) where characters lie down on top of Music, keeping her trapped on the ground, while she is having a meltdown. This behavior has literally resulted in the deaths of autistic children, and the movie treats it like it's okay. If this movie gives someone the idea that prone restraint is an okay response to an autistic person having a meltdown (who, at least in Music's case as far as I'm aware, isn't even causing harm to anyone else) it could absolutely contribute to someone's traumatization, injury, or death.

      5. Alina Grozea

        it's just a movie, calm down. Don't watch it, problem solved. Harm? obviously you people are too much confortable in your boring homes and have no clue what harm means

    68. Ben Allison

      ‘Have autism’ and just like that I lost respect for Jimmy. We don’t ‘have autism’ we are autistic

      1. Kales Monroe

        God get over yourself.

      2. Ben Allison

        @Riley Scott if he was just some random person I’d completely agree with you, but he is an interviewer who’s interviews get seen by hundreds of thousands of people so he should have done his research before bringing it up.

      3. Michael Mcleese

        As a representative of the Aspergians, we don't usually give a heck what you call us because we're too busy ignoring you.

      4. Teresa WastingTime

        @Riley Scott thank you for taking the time to explain it. A complete world of people who haven't experienced one if the many forms of being autistic would never have a clue that the wrong use of terminology existed. Just try to politely correct each person as you can if you are able. So instead of saying depending on the form of autism you have that might prevent you from handling a comment in the best way what would i say. Because you dont have it you are it. It is like these two say- there is such a massive difference in the forms of autism.

      5. Riley Scott

        The reason why people say 'have autism' in the first place, is because that's how it has always been stated. The terminology is being changed now so that we are more sensitive to people who are autistic. That doesn't mean that people who say 'have autism' are trying to be (intentionally) insulting or hurtful. That's just not true. I wouldn't have known had I not looked it up or someone had corrected me.

    69. Charisse Rempel

      “That’s when you get into drinking”. Funny woman. Hahaha

    70. Cate

      I didn't like Jimmy Kimmel before this, but he shouldn't be supporting people/films that are ableist. Don't praise them for a golden globe nomination!!!!

      1. TecnicStudios

        The golden globes are bribe based.

    71. Cate

      Why are people still actively promoting this movie? Intent doesn't matter when your movie uses a caricature and actively promotes misinformation about autism. It's interesting that Kate said they're listening when Sia didn't care for autistic people sharing their opinions on Twitter (and still doesn't). She clearly did nothing to research the topic if she included restraint scenes, scenes that are overstimulating, and harmful stereotypes shown in the movie. Maybe if you were listening you should take out the restraint scenes Sia promised would be removed that are still in the film. It's gross to say representation matters while promoting a movie where a neurotypical person plays an autistic person. Kate Hudson is a grown adult who didn't seem to think anything was wrong before or during the filming of this movie.

      1. adriano oli

        I love you, keep going

      2. Ayla Paul

        Not to mention she referred to nonverbal autistics as inanimate objects like wigs

      3. Nora Hyde

        Right, and how he said "Oh you go into a movie and if there's anything less than positive.......which for you has been very positive you've been nominated for a golden globe!!" Praise the A list actress and dismiss the issues???

    72. Logan Davie

      lowkey upset with jimmy for helping give this film a platform?

    73. JanusAtTheGate

      Actors have to be able to act. So, if an autistic person can act, then...

      1. Nani Muss

        Autistic people can act.

    74. Psyclonus

      Actors act. Don't need any other reason.

    75. David Ferreira

      Why are we giving this witch a platform

      1. David Arjon

        Witch omg

      2. Michael DiTraglia

        I know; How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days should have been enough to do that.

    76. Krystal Rowan

      "Sensitivity and love"? Sensitivity and love would be knowing that all the bright colours and hectic choreography is over stimulating and excludes autistic people completely. How can Kate not see how ableist and exploitative the film is which doesn't cater to the needs of autistic people at all? Not even subtitles.. Even seeing the stills of the movie the mockery can be seen. Ableism, inspiration porn and a money making vehicle at the expense of autistic people is what this is.

      1. The Autistic Shaman

        Right?! They must have tried REALLY HARD not to learn a damn thing about us because from the first 10 seconds it’s unwatchable for us.

    77. Clint Snider

      This entire movie needs to be thrown in the garbage, along with Sia, Kate, and everyone else that participated in it. Your intent does not outweigh the terrible impact this movie has already made.

      1. Michael DiTraglia

        @David Arjon Yeah, THAT'LL never happen.

      2. David Arjon

        I'm ready to forgive Sia for this when she realizes how bad the movie is and throws it in the garbage

      3. Michael DiTraglia

        Just remember, if they made a movie treating blacks this way, it would be banned forever and everyone involved would never work again.

    78. Jim Northland

      Is it too weird that I've fallen in love with both her and her mother?

      1. Psyclonus


    79. E Sparks iT

      "Hammer head" has a beautiful singing voice. And looks great with a buzz cut!

    80. Thom Whyte

      Such a shame. The fact she's still standing by this movie that every Autism organisation has condemned for how much damage it's going to have on our community. And to say she wants people to see the film and start conversation. That would be great, but due to the strobe effects, overly loud scenes, Characters gleefully saying Autism is a curse and using restraining techniques that have KILLED so many people over the years.... It's insulting and dangerous!

      1. Alex Martínez

        @Thom Whyte I’m not using the film to inform myself. I’m not watching it because I want to know everything about autism. I see the film as a way to introduce us to it. In which a nonspeaking autistic character is portrayed. In which a lot of people can learn by talking about it through their experiences. In your opinion, you think it causes harm. But what about those that don’t? What about those that also have things to say (in accordance with their feelings or the facts)? I’m not saying the film is very right. I’m not saying it portrayed autism in an excellent way. But I’m saying that it can introduce people to actually be aware that it exist. That’s the representation I’m talking about. And even if Maddie’s portrayal is bad, people’d talk about it and... there it is! Dialogue. A conversation in which we can learn more about it. Also, I’m not saying prone restraint is good. What I’m saying is that the film may portray it as good but at the end it shows something that’s very common for some people to live, which in any way is good. That doesn’t mean it has to be censored. And yes, warnings would be good, but Sia herself has acknowledged it and is willing to remove the scenes in future printings, as well to add the warnings.

      2. Alex Martínez

        @pugetwitch I think you misunderstood me. It’s not “my first experience with autistic people”. It was my first opportunity to actually see autism as what it really is (I’m not saying that Maddie’s portrayal taught me everything about autism because it didn’t) and to search things. It showed me autistic people like Music (I mean, nonverbal) exist. It’s not about “go educate yourself” or “pick up a book”. It’s about having characters that actually are not portrayed that often. Also, I think you can’t say to someone to go and be aware of all the types of people in this planet if they are not shown in the media. You see, not everyone from around the world has the same resources to have access in order to know everything. Also, it’s not about taking all the possible information from TV or movies. It’s about showing characters that represent them. If they are well represented... that’s another topic.

      3. Thom Whyte

        @Alina Grozea No one is saying Non-verbal Autism Isn't a thing... and it's not limited to kids... But Music is built on exaggerated stereotypes for film, which don't actually portray Autism... Calling this out isn't ableism. If you really think it is then you're again clearly demonstrating the problem with this film...

      4. Thom Whyte

        @Alina Grozea sadly ignorance isn't.

      5. Aaryaman Nambiar

        Well explained.

    81. CancunTed RAF

      Does anyone know how to make them gummy edibles?

    82. Mykenzie Hunt

      The good intentions behind the project don't in anyway negate it's impact and just saying I'm sorry if you felt left out does not make up for the amount of mockery and dangerous ideas that are given a platform in this movie. I used to really like a lot of. Kate Hudsons performances but just saying that having a conversation about it is important is not enough to make up for the harm she has done. At the very least she should be apologizing for representing something so terrible.

      1. Krystal Rowan

        I do believe that uptalking the film means she is perpetuating more harm and she should apologise. It being 4 years or so ago isn't excuse, accurate information about autism from non hate groups were around then.

      2. Krystal Rowan

        I beg the question, why didn't Kate as an adult lead actress in the movie, research autism herself to understand autism? Because clearly she hasn't if she is trying to uptalk the movie and speaking from an uneducated ableist point of view and put her ego before the feelings and needs of autistic people.

    83. gigi stoner

      Are people really still in quarantine? I've been in quarantine hell. It's going on a year. But I see people on facebook living it up. Going on vacation. I see people that called it a hoax posting how they got the vaccine, even though they are not old, don't have underlying conditions, or are not medical or what not. I am getting super pissed. I can't tell any more. Are we still supposed to be quarantining, or did life go back to normal and I just didn't get the memo. I've done lost my mind.

      1. gigi stoner

        @Talkies Oh I know. It just makes me mad that I see people are out living it up and I'm trying to do the right thing by staying at home to stop the spread. It seems stupidity has won. And those who were selfish, are getting the vaccine but still spreading it because not everyone is able to get it yet. I'm just trying now to protect my family and myself, but it is growing tiresome.

      2. Talkies

        Don’t look to Facebook as the bar for COVID truth and public safety.

    84. AutismAdvocate

      Aaaaaannnnndddd you lost a fan Kate. And why did you think it was ok to promote this abomination of an ableist film? It features prone restraint- something done to autistic kids that has led to deaths . So disappointed.. but what pleases me is the fact that it is being trashed in reviews with Rotten Tomatoes rating it worse then the Cats musical debacle. Yes I saw it and yes it’s THAT BAD

      1. islandboy4445


      2. Michael DiTraglia

        Because Hollywood is ableist, duh. Besides, Kate Hudson's only good movie was Almost Famous; the rest have been trash.

    85. Nik Fledge

      You can tell she is the product of a good family. Lovely Kate!

    86. Army Pratibha

      Love from india

    87. ponylo

      what has happened to her face? she looks younger. I can see botox, but what else? anyone?

      1. sus90210

        Makeup and good lightning. She looks the same, but older, when you see her without makeup.

      2. Talkies

        It’s doesn’t matter.

    88. 1 2

      Kate Hudson can sing? America has got talents!!

    89. JTD472

      Jesus she looks great.

    90. Clemens Mair

      Unfortunately shallow

    91. Test ID

      I think thats actually how she would say "I'm coming."

    92. Wade Zimmerman

      I met her mother many decades ago and she is just as vivacious as her mother was then very engaging!

    93. Reno6136

      Stevie Wonder song comes to mind ? Isn't She Lovely !!!

    94. Riddickisawesome101

      There is no “love and sensitivity” using a restraint that has killed over 20 children, blanketing it as “crushing her with my love” when that can be misinterpreted and misused, causing more deaths in the process

      1. SpliTSideZ

        ​@Michael DiTraglia Fair enough I get some of it, but I'm confused as why you and Krystal were arguing when it seems like you both hate the idea of autism being misrepresented and being exploited by people who don't care

      2. Michael DiTraglia

        @SpliTSideZ Because they THINK they know everything and they THINK they have the monopoly on compassion and science, when they clearly don't care about either. That, and when they screw up, they know rightly that the media will cover for them and eventually, the problem will go away and they'll still somehow have a career in the end, unlike if they were Republicans.

      3. SpliTSideZ

        @Michael DiTraglia But why would Democrats believe this is morally acceptable? What would they gain from making a movie like this besides looking stupid?

      4. Michael DiTraglia

        @SpliTSideZ Because we have a political party in the Democrat party that runs Hollywood and thinks a movie like Music is morally acceptable in 2021, let alone any other year, and deserving of awards nomination.

      5. SpliTSideZ

        @Michael DiTraglia What's the bigger picture?

    95. Heather Mimi Wahlquist

      She looks like Denise Richards now

    96. mccarraa

      She turning into her mother

    97. Ramey Chisum

      Stop with the plastic surgery.

      1. sus90210

        This is clearly makeup. Look at one of her morning interviews then you can see the difference.

      2. Ramey Chisum

        @Mermaid DIYArtist That's what Kylie Jenner says and people flock to buy it...

      3. Mermaid DIYArtist

        It looks like makeup

    98. Sarah Pelletier

      the video is verly good

    99. Will Martinez

      She has gotten only more beautiful over the years 😍😍

    100. Pat Doyle

      When said she got into vinyl, I could not help but to imagine her is a skin tight vinyl dress.