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    Shakespeare wrote "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them" and recently our little overachiever Guillermo had something great thrust upon him. Something really great. Sponsored by Tubi.
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    1. Mother of Eve

      Tubi is awesome! Indi horror like Song of Solomon and comedy like Rifftrax make isolation bearable.

    2. Ben Soloh

      Guillermo as Shakespeare, with that hair😂😂👌

    3. Gluten Free Gam3r

      Gonna miss ya Guillermo! I just can't handle this channel any longer.

    4. Captain Non-binary

      Its not even true that scene is a myth

    5. Dar Cos

      When a skit becomes an ad, and you realise this halfway through

    6. PRISCILLA & CO.


    7. Pasha NASIR

      Only 25k views . This show sucks

    8. M.G. Alonso

      So funny Guillermo! And I actually found something to watch on Tubi! Hehehe!!

    9. Ju Ga

      I am Mexican, I don't dislike the guy but I don't find him funny either. He plays or they make him play with a stereotype that doesn't feel funny.

    10. Sarbaaz Chabahar

      I do use Tubi and its actually good✌️

    11. sweiland75

      So where is the link to Tubi?

    12. siim377

      Has anybody noticed that Guillermo is very similar to Freddy Mercury, if Freddy was a bit wider and A bit Mexican.

    13. Kiaira Hoe

      It's still the same "HUH" Huh "STAUTS" Noy huh "NADIE" Huh "UH" Uh "UM" What does that mean "UM" I "HUH" Don't see huh "NADIE" Um "NOBODY" Huh "HUH" You Are "ALL HUH" Huh "UM" Hearing "UM" Those "HUH" Huh "VOICES" Huh "HUH" The whole wide "WORLD" Huh "UM" You "UM" Are "ALL BLINDSIDED" The whole entire "STATE" Huh "HUH" They're are "ALL GONE" You "UM" Are "ALL CRAZY" Huh "HUH" The whole "HUH" Huh "CITY" Huh "HUH" Those are "UM" Huh "DRONES" That have what "HUH" Voice Audio Video Sounds "HUH" Huh "WHISPERING" Huh "UM" Inside "UM" Those "HUH" Huh "EARNED" Um "MAGENTS" Huh "DEVICES" Huh "HUH" In "UM" Both "UM" Of "HUH" Um "UM" My "UM" Huh "EARS" Huh "HUH" Um "ALLDAY" Um "HUH" Wild "UM" I'm "IGNORING" And "UM" Staying "UM" What "HUH" Huh "QUITE" Um "UM" And "UM" What "HUH" Huh "IGNORING" Em "UM" And "UM" What "HUH" Huh staying huh "CLAM" Huh "HUH" And "UM" What "HUH" Huh "COOL" Huh "HUH" And "UM" What "HUH" Huh "COMPOSED" Um "ALLDAY" Huh "IGNORING" Huh "UM" What "HUH" Those "UM" What "HUH" Huh "DRONES" That have what "UM" Voice "HUH" Audio "HUH" Video "UM" Sounds "HUH" Huh "WHISPERING" Huh "HUH" Nothing "UM" Happened "HUH" Why is it huh "QUITE" Huh "HUH" I "HUH" Hate Black "HUH" Huh "ALLDAY" Huh "HUH" And what else "UM" Um "HUH" Huh.

      1. Gluten Free Gam3r


    14. Tweets Update

      Hahaha great

      1. Tweets Update


    15. Bonito Bonita

      It’s an useless ad but it’s ok when Guillermo is cute

    16. sarysa

      Apparently Tubi is real, and existed for 7 years, and I never even knew about it today. All the times I streamed FOX animation from the horse's mouth and they never made me aware of it lol.

    17. Krissa Louvae

      I'm an American living in Germany and I've never heard of Tubi until now and I'm actually excited because I've seen almost everything I want to watch on DEcameras and Dailymotion. I no kidding have never clicked any ads on purpose other than when I see it's Guilermo so this is awesome!!! Edit do add.... NOOOOOOOO!!!!! It's not available in the EU. Sad face. 😞

    18. Vinicius Mazon


    19. Sherry Hesner


    20. Brave Just Defend

      How many Jimmy's do we have on TV, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy John's. TV is full of JIMMY'S LOL

    21. Avital Lichtenfeld

      That moment when you watch an ad just to see Guillermo

      1. Yiasemide


    22. SammyT

      Guillermo doesn't quite work as Hamlet; as Romeo, however, he'd be perfect 😁

    23. karloavera

      I watch GI Joe on Tubi!

    24. Jake Thesnake

      I like how he has a Hispanic pet and parades him around

      1. Tripp Vomit

        You must have zero friends.

    25. SammyT

      "You performance is...lamentable" and he says "Oh, thank you!" 🤣🤣🤣

    26. The Youtube Money Draw

      checkout my video

    27. Ikaika Cricket

      Awesome Guillermo! Thanks so much again ☺

    28. Miroslavas Siniavskis

      Story of my life :D

    29. YJ Wrangler


    30. Karunyaa Sribashyam

      This bears special significance to me because I just finished studying Merchant of Venice for my exams 😂

    31. carlos i lizarraga

      Great show

    32. FMReyes22


    33. LTMC2H6

      Thanks Guillermo - I can now study hamlet with his voice...

    34. Rob K.

      I clicked on an ad. 🤦‍♂️ You got me Jimmy!

    35. Sri Prakhya Pochiraju

      Guillermo looks sooo adorable in that wig almost like a little puppy

    36. DPHX 53

      Lls I’ve been watching Haven on Tubi the past few week😂

    37. English By Roop

      Shakespeare has left the chat

      1. Maria - Porn STARS ღ*GO MY PROF!LE* ღ

        I wrote a book about reverse psychology just recently. Please, do not read it!

    38. Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin

      Tubi is quibi v2. twice as bad and doomed to the same fate

    39. New Message

      Alas, poor Yorick, he didn't have Tubi.

    40. Kim Jong Un

      283rd from North Korea

    41. Ravichandar S

      Now that's an ad

      1. Tseleng Botlhole

        Absolutely. I generally don't like American ads but this one was on point, tops 😂

    42. Mr ME

      Only the future billionaires are reading these and taking me to the journey of 1k before the end of the month

      1. Dul Bellomo

        Probably not ✌🏻

    43. Nathan Saroon

      Tubi or not Tubi

    44. Vivek Singh Khatana

      I m the 9th one.....From INDIA 😊😊😊🇮🇳🇮🇳

    45. GreaserCentral

      Se brincaron la barda estos weyes 🤣🤣🤣

    46. Vamshi Kolasani

      Everyone : HAMLET Guillermo : OMELET 😂

    47. Tomato 27

      First shakespearian here

    48. Vamshi Kolasani

      RIP for everyone who says I'm first lol 😂

      1. Vamshi Kolasani

        @Tseleng Botlhole yes

      2. Tseleng Botlhole

        I know hey. So lame and childish

    49. Press Gaming


    50. Leela Joseph

      Everyone: I am the first Actual first person :Enjoying the video

    51. zuhayer rahman


    52. Angel Cortinas


    53. Noeconico

      Can I return my kids used diapers to Costco ?

      1. Allie* SECR3T ViD3O * Live !!! Now -*-

        Sorry, I won’t be going to hell any time soon.

    54. Hari Krishna

      lOVED IT