McConnell Gives Blistering Speech Condemning Trump After Acquitting Him

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Jimmy talks about celebrating Valentine’s Day, his mom’s strange gift, Mardi Gras celebrations being cancelled because of last year’s festivities turning into a superspreader event, Trump driving around Palm Beach to give his fans a wave in celebration of his un-impeachment, the dream team of lawyers he put together to represent him at the trial, Mitch McConnell denouncing Trump moments after voting to acquit him, Mitch and Trump trading barbs after the vote, seven Republican Senators voting to convict, Joe Biden spending the weekend playing Mario Cart with his granddaughter at Camp David, the majority of Americans saying Trump shouldn’t be allowed to hold office again, and in honor of “Random Acts of Kindness” week, Jimmy prank calls his Aunt Chippy about her COVID vaccination appointment.
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    1. The Flash

      I have never agreed with Mitch McConnell on anything but I agreed with him totally on this. Trump is guilty of many things but he isn't eligible for trial by the senate. He will be tried in the proper forum where they can sentence him to something meaningful. The criminal court can also disqualify him from holding public office.

    2. muffinz Lealta

      Salami karate

    3. j nome

      I may be crazy or from another universe or maybe it’s Mitch. You agree he(Trump)incited an insurrection, says he is the one responsible for it & then asked if you would support him as your nominee for your political party in 2024. Answer=absolutely. Seriously! No, really, Seriously!!! Left brain to right brain are we in the right head?

    4. Michael Vigh

      Where is the BIDEN jokes! Biden makes the whole world laugh( at USA) Give joke after joke Biden. Makes the World laugh! Haha. C' mom man. Hilarious c'mon man Come on Jimmy show some balls and get us some Biden jokes. There is just so much there. Such as: I finished first in my Class. Hilarious. Says it with straight face. Biden! Biden! Let's all laugh and laugh.

    5. Dana Toppert

      Why is the tyrannical mouth still on TV J K

    6. scafgal

      Cold? hahahaha ....... Come on up here to Canada. We'll show you what cold is! (worked a 12 hour shift, 300' up in the air) in -62 below zero!) Now, THAT is cold!

    7. Ysa Pena

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    8. Darlene Michuk

      Excellent vid, very good good humor THank you!

    9. marilyn bables

      The Queen of Spades and Little Miss Muffin stole the election from Donald John Trumpin.

    10. Inger Nordhus

      Isn´t it possible for the G OP to fond another person to nominate for presidency next time? There must be some respektable person

    11. Ray Lynch

      Roses are red violets are blue I hate politics and so would you

    12. Serina Thomas

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    15. Omar Morrison

      If you like Tropic Thunder give a thumbs up & pass it on to all comments. Save Comedy!

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    18. Jorge Merigo

      Dear Blunt Rapture. I appreciate you taking your time to reply to my comment. Thank you. The thing is that I am so used to seeing the Mexican people stereotyped in a way that they are funny that maybe that strikes a cord in my emotions/brain. This would never be the way somebody from another Latin American country would picture us. Maybe the fact that I am myself Mexican (I live in Mexico City, my home town) is what makes me feel that this is not the way we see ourselves. And of course I see no mean-spíritedness behind it all, that is very clear to me and I really enjoy this show. I really do.

    19. Patrick Sanders

      Not 2-0...its 20 years!

    20. Adam

      Not eligible because you wouldn’t let anyone vote on it whilst he was in office. Believe me peeps, lol, Republicans won’t “win again” for quite some time

    21. Adam

      Such a soulless evil “person” or turtle. Keeps condemning the man but looking ahead since turtles live to be 120, knows he’ll have to have an excuse so says his vote was only on the basis of constitutionality

    22. 1silvervespa


    23. John John

      Never head of this show or guy, almost funny.. no no hes not..

    24. Cheryl Poindexter

      Ole Kentucky Mitch...Pathetic as all the bratty Repugs..smh Defense... Phillydelphia..ha ha ha😂

    25. Urban Varjačič

      Did McConnell receive lifting treatment, because he looks really good this time.

    26. no name

      Is that a thing well i never got anything from anyone😭

    27. PigIA

      6:27 This isn't a joke. This is real footage

    28. Kaddu Mills

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    29. S C

      Toxic demons pray for God to cast him to dust

    30. McKinley Brown


    31. Valerie Pierce

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    32. CrispyC

      Anyone who thinks that Trump is God's chosen anything deserves a psych assessment 😡

    33. Austin Collins

      I live in ArkansasI never seen that much snow before

    34. Roberto Martinez

      Hey hole you're not funny, in people's suffering and dying .

    35. Jodie daubenmire

      The first and only time i saw mcconnell as a man. It didn't last long.

    36. Martin Smith


    37. Sharmaine Johnson

      He is a flip flopper🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    38. Carole Mckenna

      It was said 2days b4 Trump was cleared that Mconnell emailed all his half wits to say he was gonna vote for an accquitable so it was likely that's what would happen n ffs that was TRUE!!

    39. Eve in AZ

      Man my parents suck! i wouldnt b able to BORROW $20 on CHRISTMAS, let alone give me $100 for VALENTINE'S! SMH...🤔

    40. Debra Filmore

      Hey Jimmy, Love doesn't have an expiration date! Tell her thank you and give her something too. Also, it could be a reminder for you to get her something, lol.

    41. Apollo Selispeks

      Your aunt is hilarious 🤣

    42. german amarra

      great show jimmy tanks for keeping us laughing your a great guy

    43. soapfanaddict

      7:53 Trump's presidency has brought so much hidden truth to the forefront!!! Your conscience is what allows you to sleep well at night or causes sleepless nights. Doing the right thing is what allows you to walk proudly. Doing the wrong thing is what makes you look over your shoulder as you walk.

    44. Valerie Pierce

      The hilarious governor enzymatically reflect because east crucially time before a typical dredger. sharp, bright ferryboat

    45. Louis Sallie

      "Jimmy, is this you, you little bastard?" ☠☠☠

      1. Louis Sallie

        "I thought you outgrew this $%&#!" 😅😂🤣💖😏

      2. Louis Sallie

        And then she loves him, because she watches the show and supports him with her viewership. Freakin' delightful. 😂💖

      3. Louis Sallie

        I must have rewound it 100 times to hear her tone and see it register on her face. 🤬 PRICELESS!!! 🤣😭💗 I was gonna say he was mean, but she read him for FILTH, HONEY!!! 😝💖🧜🏾‍♂️

    46. Wooden Kiyoko

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    47. Louis Sallie

      I died when they made the turtle talk in Mitch's voice. 6:27 🤣😭☠🐢💚😏🧜🏾‍♂️

    48. Dolores M

      Hahahaha. His Aunt is brutal.

    49. Shava Chihera

      No Jimmy we have half a tank of gas. Car phone charger bebe

    50. Angelina Ayala.k

      What a Loser!!!

    51. Austin W

      Don't touch Jimmy.

    52. Anthony birkholz

      I Love his aunt. It reminds me of my grandmother.

    53. Kiki

      It makes my stomach turn seeing or hearing trump. Please NO more!

    54. nimrowd2023

      Saying he voted against impeachment because he thought it was unconstitutional even though congress voted it was constitutional is pure hypocrisy.

    55. Suddn Destruction

      this is somehow entertaining?

      1. blunt rapture


    56. Sam Wang

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    58. Xenaraes Journey

      Philly-Delphia 😩

    59. Mike Naylor

      "Let them drink frozen margaritas!" Ted C.

    60. jocao jocao

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    61. Caroline Barrett

      🤣 loving his aunt 😆😆😆 she should have her own talk show, or at least a segment- I’d totally watch that 🥰

    62. Robert Troll

      "Robble robble robble robble robble" - Mitch McConnell.

    63. N Barfield

      Can't he just delivered a show with out political opinions! Left or right, I'm sick of it!!

    64. Travis Terrell

      How the hell does his own mother not recognize him? Seems most parents can recognize every voice of their kids!

    65. Vandolf Rico

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    67. S Lee

      Where do these psycho nuts get programmed?

    68. Juan Hernandez

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    69. Jorge Merigo

      I am not sure if making fun of a Mexican person in such a way is so cool. It would be if it weren't so insultingly close to a stereotype that might be out there for some. Not cool! Be careful. That is not the essence I don't think of your great show. I am proudly Mexican so I don't need to empathize, all I need is to do is just let you know how I feel.

      1. blunt rapture

        @Jorge Merigo Digital fistbump and hug.

      2. Jorge Merigo

        @blunt rapture Dear Blunt Rapture. I appreciate you taking your time to reply to my comment. Thank you. The thing is that I am so used to seeing the Mexican people stereotyped in a way that they are funny that maybe that strikes a cord in my emotions/brain. This would never be the way somebody from another Latin American country would picture us. Maybe the fact that I am myself Mexican (I live in Mexico City, my home town) is what makes me feel that this is not the way we see ourselves. And of course I see no mean-spíritedness behind it all, that is very clear to me and I really enjoy this show. I really do.

      3. blunt rapture

        I hear you, but I disagree. Guillermo is Mexican, too, and the stereotype exists because it's often true. And finally, I see no mean-spiritedness behind it at all.

    70. marisol roman

      All the people associated with Donald j Trump are the same always looking for someone to blame for their behavior!!! Even his lawyers blaming everyone else's for their lack of professionalism

    71. MO EL

      One of the best comedy program.

    72. Christine Hill

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    73. drewski 15

      McConnell is a son of a mitch

    74. Hanes Howie

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    75. reffoelcnu alouncelal

      Who watches this crap it’s just mindless BS ,,

      1. blunt rapture


    76. Frances Thwaites

      Jimmy I thought you had grown out of the pranks you little bastard - made my day 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    77. Rebecca Lyle

      Biden got over 81 million, that is more than 75 million. Be happy you lost the respect of Fox.

    78. Pia Funes Bakker


    79. Rae

      I'm 39 and I exchanged Valentines Day gifts with my mom

    80. Nigel Wolf

      This guy is not funny. And his writers are useless.

      1. blunt rapture

        You are a terrible viewer.

    81. Nigel Wolf


    82. CrankyWinter43

      I hear a lot of clapping g jimmy. Where’s the rest of Wall Street you kidnapped

    83. Bill Mills

      I can't believe this is a late night thing......

      1. blunt rapture

        Go to bed.

    84. Kiran Patel

      Mitch and Kevin macarthy make Trump fools

    85. Kiran Patel

      Drama queen Trump is gone but new queen in town drama queen miss Lindsey graham good luck republicans senators

    86. Kiran Patel

      Why republicans always currupt crooked and liars Why?. All credit goes to Trump

    87. Dee Fortier

      Love You Jimmy #1❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💫💥🤣🤣🤣

    88. Steven Wood

      Couldnt give her a thumbs up.

    89. Steven Wood

      I did a thumbs up but after pranking your auntie Im not sure.

    90. Steven Wood

      No that is like a Mom

    91. Juan Uribe

      I'm still laughing.....😆

    92. Gerard de Souza

      @8:57 "Christian principals" [sic]. I guess he's talking about private school.

    93. H A Ritchie

      Well Jimmy your slipping Over looking the truth Women are forced out of good job ...remember Elaine Lan Chao She out too work environment I dont blame Mitch. He's not his wife boss any more. I hope one day Trump Can see by paying taxs He's paying for every thing he got. Down to two impeachment Hearing taxs dollar at work. legal trouble out of pocket Now.

    94. Bill Wilhite

      Jimmy Kimmel alive. Great show as always

    95. Kenneth Noble

      Not gonna lie, that fake logo is actually pretty dope

    96. Sharon Brooks


    97. irish granny

      Media has Trump Derangement Syndrome

      1. blunt rapture

        /eyeroll/ ... Your use of "Derangement Syndrome" is incorrect. It should only be used when someone is hated FOR NO REASON. There are thousands of reasons to hate Trumpf.

    98. David Brandenburg

      idiots, we already have a third party called the independent party!, but we do need to open our system up to multiple parties!.

    99. Leah Scott

      Moscow Mitch is conflicted by HIS role in attempting to burn down democracy, but Ms. Lindsey is a second in desperate attempt to save himself

    100. Ruby Garcia

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