Dominique Fishback on Jamie Foxx’s Sweet Gesture & New Movie Judas and the Black Messiah

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Dominique talks about starting the women’s basketball team at her high school, the sweet thing Jamie Foxx did after she lost her wallet during an audition, reading reviews about herself, her new movie Judas and the Black Messiah, and the best thing about being a movie star.
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    1. Wanda Jazz

      This is what old school representation looks like. You see it and you want to be it.😤

    2. RedRocket415

      Didn't even ask her about "The Deuce"

    3. duke8579

      Damn she is gorgeous

    4. TheGhettoSnobSeries

      She’s so beautiful, seemingly friendly and personable, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. I hope to work with her one day.


      It’s the beautiful full lips FOR ME


      She’s naturally beautiful

    7. HamidH

      She must be the most gorgeous black women I've seen. Lovely

    8. aaliyahcomeback

      Love her energy! She is so open and stands in her feminity and strength. God bless her!

    9. Dol l

      She is absolutely lovely 😍

    10. jim catalfamo

      man i wonder how much this guy drinks and what drugs he does that he can't even open his eyes anymore. jimmy buy some toothpicks

    11. Abraham Ebuka

      Bro, she's so beautiful, when I saw her in Project Power, I thought she was around my age. She's almost 30 😫

    12. Kevin E.

      Great interview! Can't wait to see you in more!

    13. Yugali Gullapalli

      She looks like Okoye!!!

    14. Part Of

      I love your eyes lady!

    15. Kristjana J

      Omgahhh she is AWESOME!! :D

    16. Derek Ho 2013's

      Jimmy Kimmel Jamie Foxx sweet love gesture judos

    17. Tiffany Jolly

      She’s soooooo beautiful! 🤩😍

    18. nikki X

      Dominique I’m so proud of you!!!! Wow what a performance in Judas and the Black Messiah!!

    19. adamania Adams

      Finally you stop talking about Trump. I was thinking he is your Dad or something.

    20. Adolfo Pena

      She has such a baby face.

    21. Google Google

      nobody loves pigs🐷more than allah because he is a butcher of sheep🦧

    22. Marilyn Monday

      She is so charming and approachable!! 💖💖 I hope to see more for her!

    23. Storm GT

      its funny you never covered trump lawyer defense video at the 2nd impeachment HAHAHAHA!

    24. Illya Gardner

      I first saw her in the series "The Deuce"

    25. TiffanyHeartsU

      So happy she’s been getting so many roles! Can’t wait to see more from her 🤍

    26. Nye'Dia Harris

      dom!!! super proud of you

    27. Kofi Ansah-Brew

      Just beautiful. Everything about her is beautiful. ✨

    28. wildkims2008

      love her hair. what a beauty

    29. Lea Bee

      LOVE HER! Love her whole energy 💖

    30. patrick williams

      She is a beautiful, talented class act! For our young ladies, this is the kind of persona that one should seek to obtain. Beautiful, articulate, intelligent, conscious, feminine, friendly, professional and approachable.

    31. Chance Jolivette

      damn i'm used of seeing her on the deuce, project power and judas and the black messiah, wow she gorgeous

    32. By Phylicia

      She is EVERYTHING!!!!

    33. MnS Vlogs

      She’s gorgeous!❤️

    34. RASTA DÖG

      Saw this young woman in the movie judas and the black messiah. Boy oh boy, she is gorgeous 😍

    35. Andrew Young

      What a gorgeous women.

    36. onlyonekiney

      So proud of you Dominique represent East NY extraordinary! Gorgeous and great acting in Judas! Looking forward to next project. We are all watching.

    37. Talkies

      What a charismatic and lovely lady - looking forward to seeing her in Judas!

    38. ᗩᗪOᒪᖴ ᗷᒪ

      She’s cute 🥰

    39. Eileen Doherty

      Lovely girl gonna be a big star 👍👍🤗

    40. Sergio Peña


    41. Laugh at life

      who likes Jimmy to like Like

    42. Sadiq Seferaliyev


    43. Sadiq Seferaliyev

      You are awesome

    44. Lara

      She's so beautiful and talented. I love her work, especially in The Deuce. If they ever make a Chaka Khan biopic, she would be a perfect choice.

      1. aaliyahcomeback

        CHaka khan!! Absolutely

    45. Uniquely Nia

      DOMINQUE FISHBACK IS LEGENDARY!!!!!!!‼️👏😩😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

    46. G S

      Beautiful woman!

    47. TheRealGAMEHEAD


    48. Alicia Ramsay

      Yess Dominique!! Go girl. So proud of you!

    49. KayleeKez

      Oh my, she's soo adorable!! And her hairdo was amazing!

    50. Obada Odeh

      This is the woman of my dreams. ❤

    51. Ebby C

      Dominique Fishback makes me want to go see a dentist, TOmorrow. 😅


      Mmm she fine Watup mamabear

    53. Tara Streeter

      She is so beautiful😍. Absolutely, stunning❤

    54. Rhamel Brown

      Yea Dom!!! Always killing it and finally being recognized for her work💪🏿

    55. Shane C

      Graceful and down to earth. Please don't let Hollywood change you. You are a natural, from hair to spirit. 🙏

    56. Tricia D.

      She’s beautiful and I saw her In both movies she’s an awesome actress!!

    57. KRA

      Omfg she’s so damn gorgeous

      1. Karen Ling

        is she talking about soul?

    58. Christian Williams

      She has a great personality I can’t wait to watch her career further.

      1. Karen Ling

        why did you talked about soul's sweet geisure?

    59. Robo Mama

      She is so cute and lovely ☺️

    60. L-Dog The Great


    61. Tosh T

      First late-night interview went as smoothly as can be. She’s a natural.

      1. Karen Ling

        soul's sweet geisure?

    62. Alina Namene

      Beautiful ❤️❤️

      1. Karen Ling

        is she talk about soul's sweet geisure?

      2. L-Dog The Great

        Yup!! just Like you!

    63. 7Deep Breaths

      She's incredible...!!

    64. rnbnart

      She’s very beautiful. Cute smile!!

    65. Menibor1

      Her skin complexion is godly

      1. Karen Ling

        the sweet thing about soul because its sweet geisure its sweet geisure and then soul says i take that wallet

      2. JB

        Yup. She's stunning. Beautiful skin too.

    66. Anthony Ellis Âû


      1. Rohit Mahera

        Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be tomorrow.

    67. New Message

      That is definitely a movie right there. "Lady Lions' is even a ready made title... Call this lady, Netflix!

      1. Jonathan Rutan

        That's a very bland, basic title. Perhaps they could think of one significantly more interesting.

    68. D RP

      My baby......been watching her career grow for a long time

    69. Octavia Rage


    70. Raven !

      she’s gonna be big bro. like viola davis big

      1. Sheila Johnson

        @serenitybeats I'll let you stick to that opinion. How about we hope her roles are not limited because of her skin color.

      2. serenitybeats

        @Sheila Johnson no you’re missing the point. Im saying meryl streep is a better actress than viola davis, so let’s not limit their talent to skin color

      3. Raven !

        @Sheila Johnson the problem is that we should be comparing talent, not race.

      4. Sheila Johnson

        Serenitybeats, I'm assuming you mean well but your comment comes across as Viola Davis isn't at the same caliber as the white actresses you mentioned. So black people should aspire to only be like the white people in an intended field and not the equally qualified and talented black people? Respectfully, I'm confused. Some people, in all races and nationalities need to see people that look like them to believe they can do it too. Ms Davis is an Emmy, Oscar, and 2x Tony winning actress, among numerous other awards. So I hope you are including her with the other two and not dismissing her. HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH😊

      5. serenitybeats

        How about we say Meryl Streep or Frances McDormand big. Black success ain’t limited by skin color

    71. M A

      They all your prophets......and you stand aside and watched......

    72. ً

      Black messiah?

      1. 🍯 blood honey

        J Edgar Hoover's words

    73. Nav Rob

      Beautiful woman! Inside and out!!

      1. Karen Ling

        is anything about soul?

    74. ً

      I was here before 1 billion

    75. Mr ME

      I pray anyone that sees this find peace

      1. Andrew Young

        Im trying.

    76. Lauren

      DEcameras be like: no views 3 likes and 1 comment

    77. Nicole sarang


    78. Joe Adema