KJ Apa Went From Concussed Rugby Player to Riverdale TV Star

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    KJ Apa talks about shooting “Riverdale” in Vancouver, growing up with Samoan culture and tradition, his dad being the village chief, getting three concussions while playing rugby, his road to becoming an actor, jumping seven years into the future on “Riverdale,” and having no idea what the Super Bowl was.
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    1. Panca Transila

      People from New Zeland always sounds Happy.

    2. Laurie Bouchard

      He has such a nice personality, his energy is so contagious too!

    3. Dylan..

      "Who knows with them writers" LMAO

    4. Dylan..

      5 million in NZ, meanwhile Ireland with just under it still in a shitstorm

    5. Robert Alexander

      Our kiwi boy from shortland Street in nz

    6. Katie Szambelak

      Ok but KJ’s accent is so soothing 🥰

    7. _titan

      Ah he laughs with whole body

    8. Damn Dinosaurs

      The SuperBowl part had me laughing so hard.

    9. ashley cornell

      i adore him lol omg he’s so entertaining.

    10. 钱先生

      KJ APA will be a chief?!LOL

    11. DeSnowLeapord

      I love how he says Cole is 27 but he’s 28 😂

    12. zoe knap

      No he went from Shortland street star to Riverdale

    13. Lucía:3

      So cutee my kiwii 💕💕🥺🥺

    14. Nenaloka Caro

      KJ me encanto riverdale 5 temporada te felicito jaja

    15. gill owens

      Less in Ireland more cases and deaths in covid-19

    16. Burt

      Super food bowl 🤣

    17. Burt

      Riverdale the 🐐

    18. Burt

      Riverdale is the Best!

    19. dia ardelean

      I think this absolut charming young man named KJ Apa, is the kind of person whom you could spend a lifetime together with and still don't get bored! P. S: his laugh✨adorably contagious ✨❤️

    20. Adrian Sulit

      Hey kj apa i really love riverdale 😂

    21. Alexander Fleming

      He is GORGEOUS!!

    22. T Nation

      @0:52 he from New Zealand started watching him when he was on Shortland street

      1. Zhoë Chelsea

        Kane Jenkins 😉

    23. Dante F

      Just so damn charming!! And sooooo pretty!

    24. Andrea R A

      Hi so I didn't know he has an accent mind blown

    25. Montse S

      And this is how one interview made me a fan of Kj

    26. Julius Jacox

      Oh my God kj is so handsome

    27. SHIVI SAH


    28. Dominic Elias

      That’s the first interview I’ve seen of KJ. He’s pretty endearing isn’t he?!

      1. glorxiia


      2. Alex Hopper

        Mr Honey?

    29. Isabella

      this was such a good and funny interview! i loved it!

    30. Kirk Bowles

      The erratic difference nouzilly tie because sense pathohistologically earn about a quiet stem. kaput, uneven llama

    31. Norms Angilau

      Holy cow!! Didn't know Kj is Samoan!!! Yess keep repping Polynesians!!!

    32. FoxHoundDavid

      Always forget he has an accent lol

    33. Jeff Calvin

      That's Satan

    34. Rachel

      This was one of my favourite interviews to watch. He was just so genuine, and he was happy to answer the questions. Plus he’s funny!

    35. J

      As of 1/29 Los Angeles bars can stay open until 2am, but they have to serve food and be outdoor seating.

    36. hannah yi

      Isn't Cole 28?

    37. orianis ortega

      Love his accent ☺️

    38. Shruti Singh

      Jimmy roasting Donald Trump just like that......

    39. Tarun S

      I live across the ditch in Australia. We've handled covid pretty well in comparison to the US, but some states have been going into short circuit-breaker lockdowns because of small outbursts of 1-20 cases in some states.

    40. Rojina Sh

      Cole is 28 not 27😂

    41. Omo

      Aww, I loved this interview!

    42. Laura Quinton

      I love this man

    43. Gavin Sequeira

      U know the Samolans are tough when KJ Apa was the runt of the litter😂😂

    44. jeri Ngatai

      NZ been having music fests for a while now. We just had a free music fest for familes just this weekend. A somewhat new tradition after all the New Years music festivals have ended and you can go take your kids to the beach and listen to local talent, play in the sand and eat good food.

    45. Carly Coppi

      KJ is so charming 😘😘😘

    46. Carly Coppi

      This is an awesome interview 🥰🥰🥰

    47. R. Syed

      Every time I see his infectious smile, I realize how much I miss it bc Archie never smiles in Riverdale lol

    48. Anna

      What is it with people mispronouncing his last name.

    49. yuri ramirez

      The far number mechanically pop because fang arthroscopically drop qua a ablaze saw. fabulous, absurd colon

    50. Aastha Gupta

      Kj is too excited to be there. I love it🤭🥺🥰

    51. Bughead Fan

      Anyone else feel like with the cast of Riverdale living as adults will be like a modern day friends, but of course, a little darker.

    52. Trinity Morris

      All fans of riverdale. 👇

    53. Dawn Zettler

      Kj apa ...His smile omg its okay he doesn’t get what the Superbowl is lol geez best interview!

    54. isla jones

      Is anyone gonna talk about how kJ doesn’t no coles age and said 27 not 28 when it’s a new interview

      1. isla jones

        @m0uria hh what I’m just saying I really like both of them I’m not being rude to him I was just pointing it out ok so yeah

      2. m0uria hh

        does it make a problem if it was a slip of the tongue and he couldn't just fix it cuz he probably didn't even realize

    55. Moacir Nascimento

      The KJ is very funny

    56. Jasmine

      hes so beautiful

    57. Gabi Caldas


    58. Mari Gamboa

      He is a really sweet and handsome guy kind of underrated

    59. Juliana Monteiro


    60. Claudio Rodriguez

      The majestic eye medicinally belong because report feraly fear pace a judicious cauliflower. seemly, sparkling need

    61. RedHood47

      KJ knows the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of highschool rugby.

      1. G4RN1SH


    62. Jennifer Munoz

      He is adorable!!! And such a great actor!!!

    63. Benjamin Maynard

      This guy is clearly a bloody cool bloke. Never watched ah Riverdale? This guy is playing Archie? Haha good score mate

    64. Hannah Nguyen

      I love that introduction 💕 KJ is awesome!

    65. Daisy Dreamboat

      New Zealand 🇳🇿 has a prime minister. The Prime Minister of New Zealand is Jacinda Ardern. New Zealand doesn't have a president, but maybe in 30 years, that could change, who knows. Plus, I'm from New Zealand. I think our accent is ugly, anyone who listens to KJ & actually thinks his accent is hot?

      1. Daisy Dreamboat

        @jeri Ngatai perhaps the American audience needs an education?? Just a thought?

      2. jeri Ngatai

        USA audience arent so bright 😑 and neither are you if you didnt catch that he said president so the audience understood him

    66. Sydney Wilson

      Ok but the framed picture of Charles in the background 😂

      1. ella higbie


    67. C Ross

      OMG the best three years of my life in NZ, twins born there, just magical. So respect the pacific island cultures, loved this actor's story.

    68. KBQuinn

      I love riverdale


      I want to be friends with him

    70. Linda J

      What a charming fellow! There is something magical about New Zealand. He should be in movies.

      1. m0uria hh

        well, he did play lots of movies

    71. Betty Smith

      Wish this interview could have been longer 😕

    72. Cassidy Keola

      Love how he has a picture of Charles on the shelf behind him lmao

    73. Jordi Vanderwaal

      I stopped watching Riverdale on the third season, but this was still really enjoyable to watch. And I love when Jimmy makes those slightly ethnocentric comments whenever a guest is from overseas. It's even funnier when he has multiple European guests (or from other places).

    74. mtn dude

      lol it

    75. ian lane

      I don't know who that guy is, but he has such a resting White Privledge face, its not even funny. I am a white dude saying this.

    76. Dina Karimi

      I didnt know Kj was a newzeland native cool, aww but i hope he learns samoan and ecomes the chief he is destined to be lol. and then we get a moan story of his life

    77. Dina Karimi

      i stopped watching riverdale long ago. even the actors dont know tf is happening anymore lol

      1. jeri Ngatai

        The characters jumped 7years so they are finally playing their ages. Weird thing is, its 2021 in the show yet Archies dad died in 2019

    78. Ilahmae Cunanan

      I love KJ’s laugh so much 😂😂😂😂😂😂


      Kj is cute - he called their countries prime minister a president. Liked his background in the video.

    80. suzie xu

      Hes so charming and down to earth

    81. Aleksandra

      That was realy interesting and super funny interview. Kimmel cracked some good jokes. KJ is adorable and I can’t stop smiling when he smiles. There is nothing better then seeing host and guest to genuinly enjoy their conversation. They are straight up vibing.

    82. JPA

      I think he said "president" for the American audience so they knew what he meant.

      1. Seth M

        Yea Ihe just misspoke & couldn't be bothered correcting himself.

      2. Jason Swift

        Prime minister really.

      3. Ruby Doobie

        I hope that's the case.

    83. Celina

      When KJ starts laughing I have to laugh too😂

    84. Celina

      I love his accent so much!

    85. dance donutsdedication

      omg KJ is foinnnneee and i always forget until i see him, and his laugh is so infectious--I was smiling and laughing my whole through this video😂 btw there is NO way he should continue playing a high school aged character...like im sorry but from my personal experience I can confidently say high school boys do NOT look that good and grown

    86. Evelyn Tapia

      I'm glad he finally got to talk about his heritage

    87. m0uria hh

      can we agree that this is yet the best kj apa interview???

    88. Alex West

      Honestly he doesn’t look like a high school student, but we just pretend he does

      1. jeri Ngatai

        @akaisha hrynyk Betty never looked like she was in high school whereas KJ looked like a senior in the first season

      2. akaisha hrynyk

        First two seasons kinda bc when they did the pilot episode he was 18 and 19 for the first season and 20 for season 2 and lili (Betty) is like only one year older than him and all the cast members or a years older than them

    89. rep.

      Vancouver's wifi connection is clear AF!

      1. jeri Ngatai

        Ikr. I get annoyed how alot of celebs have shitty video calls when it comes to interviews

    90. KHUSHI S

      KJ sounds so humble

    91. Hana Marie

      his smile✋🏼🥺

    92. Par

      His voice is so different

      1. Lissy Boo

        Cause he from New Zealand not America

    93. dont check out my channel

      that laugh though! it makes is 110% more funnier! 😂

    94. Stephen Millar

      Really charming and genuine guy.

    95. Derek Ho 2013's

      Jimmy Kimmel kJ APA rugby player

    96. Daisy

      Ok, this is definitely one of the best interviews 😍 and KJ is surprisingly very funny!💖

    97. Joshua Tomy


    98. Susan Murdock

      A friend who played rugby said the team slogan was “Give blood, play rugby.”

    99. Mr. Clean

      can we talk about the picture of mantle in the back

    100. clip012

      Ingatkan Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ).