Kelly Marie Tran Went From Being a Lifelong Disney Fan to Being a Disney Princess

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Kelly talks about her first acting gig which was on our show several years ago, being an overachiever in high school, and going from being a huge lifelong Disney fan to starring as a princess in the new Disney film Raya and the Last Dragon which is in theatres and on Disney+ Premiere Access starting March 5th.

    Check out the official trailer for Raya and the Last Dragon here:
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    1. Putins Cat

      No Gina Carano questions?

    2. Rogue Guardian

      Loving the dress kelly, you look great ❤️☺️

    3. Daniel Ewenkhare

      Kelly Marie Tran is GLAMOROUS

    4. Cess

      omg she’s amazing!!! but excuse me, can we talk about her dress?! it’s fireeeee 🔥🔥 🥰

    5. sonicdeath418

      I love her dress!! ❤️❤️❤️

    6. JM CG

      Disney: I'm going to end this woman's career. Also Disney: Just kidding, let's make her a Disney Princess.

    7. Jo Coppus

      She deserves the title of a Disney Princess❤️✨

    8. Vanessa Crooks

      I'm so happy that, despite everything that has happened, she is now a Disney princess. I love her, she's talented and beautiful and charming and she deserves it, and oh my god that dress!!!

    9. DarqeDestroyer

      She's a lovely woman, inside and out. This however doesn't change the fact that she got casted in an awful movie. I mean, it wasn't her fault, but the movie itself was still horrible. You can blame Ruin Johnson and Darth Kennedy for that one.

    10. Harvey Luna

      That dress is michael cinco

    11. Joaquin Sorrentino

      So happy to see her again, she deserves everything❤️

    12. Nicholas DiCosmo

      I am SO HAPPY for Kelly! I never understood the Star Wars fanbase hate by a hate group. So happy Kelly has SO MUCH support from people including me. I want to see her in more projects

    13. tequilex rook

      when she came in at 00:15 I almost cried cause she is so incredibly beautiful and cute!! that dress is just amazing! I am so glad that she came back stronger after all that hate and I am looking forward to this new movie! love you Kelly

    14. Chi Chang

      She's so beautiful and smart! So excited for her!!!!

    15. Vinnie Bartilucci

      I am so SO happy to see Kelly smiling again.

    16. jackuy12345

      no one likes ROSE

    17. Adolfo Pena

      I hope she ends up in more movies and shows.

    18. Hollow Kid

      She is pretty😍

    19. Ena Koo

      Her dress is so beautiful! it's great to see her well and happy

    20. estrada1887

      Justice for Cassie Steele!

    21. KootFloris

      The American fear of being fired is insane. How is this a free country?

      1. KootFloris

        @Nick Herman I know and it's worrying.

      2. Nick Herman

        @KootFloris Very very common attitude among my fellow Americans.

      3. KootFloris

        @Nick Herman Very well explained! Thank you. Indeed, I once heard in an interview about poverty, a black woman with 3 jobs, who still couldn't feed her children. She explained that she probably was bad at capitalism, and therefore poor. While as a foreigner I'd say it was inhuman low pay that took away her dignity.

      4. Nick Herman

        It’s what happens when a society is so far right economically that your entire worth and security as a human is based on how much money and fame you can achieve. Hence, in America, there is a moral equivalence between being poor and being punished or simply not trying hard enough. It’s a neat little equation that saves many people from developing empathy or understanding the phrase, “social contract.”

    22. Kyna Ng

      She seems like a really nice person :D

    23. Juliana Suplee

      Lovely, can’t wait to watch Raya ❤️

    24. Mini Vmac

      So this is how Kelly Marie Tran is treated after The Last Jedi attacks and the Phasma treatment in The Rise of Disrespecting Anakin by Saying Palpatine Didn't Die... by giving her the lead role in the promising looking Raya and the Last Dragon. I'm gonna say that her appreciative supporters are actually Raya's people and her haters that call her Ching Chong Wing Tong on her vandalized Wookieepedia are the Druun that's threatening to return after 500 Years since the dragons had sacrificed themselves to protect her people. Although I do have something to say something else below... J.J Abrams and Rian Johnson do no such favors to George Lucas, Jake Floyd and Hayden Christensen when it comes to Anakin. George gave him life, Jake freed him from slavery and Hayden showed us the unstability behind his sand hating self compared to Luke's uncertainty self of what we once thought was a threatening villain back in 1977; now Lord Vader has never been a victim to us more than now when that evil woman that Daisy Ridley must've felt embarrassed to play as in the lead role had taken more from him than his son. To quote Mr. Incredible from the first superior film because Rise of the Underminer is the real sequel, not the second film: "Why are you here? How can you POSSIBLY bring me lower, what MORE can you TAKE AWAY FROM ME?"

    25. Khiem Nguyen

      She is vietnamese yayyy

    26. Mandie Wang


    27. unexpected vixen

      That dress!!!😍😍

    28. Trisha Evans-Lutterodt

      What happened to Kelly Marie Tran is a clear example of what happens when fandoms are given too much liberty and instead of being civil, inclusive and open minded people, they use what little power they have to gang up on a person. It's literally a reformed version of public shaming except people can hide behind computer screens and not face the consequences. It's revolting and it's never ok to do this. I wish Kelly Marie all the best. She deserves the world 💕💕 I'll definitely be paying Premier Access to see Raya and The Last Dragon 🐉

    29. needy

      What a DRESS she looks incredible

    30. ThePowerBunny

      She's so gorgeous and Kelly Marie Tran is getting the redemption story she deserves

    31. Maya Lopez

      She is stinking so pretty I literally want her dress OOOFFFFFFF

    32. Arc

      Rose Tico was a total waste of a character, but none of the character's flaws were Kelly's fault. She did a good job with the material she was given and is a perfectly capable actor. It's a shame she got so much hate directed toward her personally. Glad to see she's still at it.

      1. Gabrielle

        This comment is not the compliment you think it is; Rose Tico is a wonderful character, and Kelly did a perfect job bringing her to life.

    33. Sherry Hesner


    34. Over Heated EsKim0

      No one cares they are only clapping because it's part of the rules of being part of the live audience

    35. ineedarealjob

      I'm so happy for her, she's a famous Viet Kieu 😘

    36. canciana

      She’s so lovely but forreals WHERE IS THAT DRESS FROM?! It’s gorgeous!!

      1. Glief

        Michael cinco dress

    37. Jonah Kim 7219

      Wow I want the dress not for me though

    38. Emilee Bryant

      She looks amazingly beautiful!

    39. Itz TomNJerry

      A beautiful dress for a beautiful woman💗💗

    40. waterjack3

      She's a sweetheart, and didn't deserve the negative comments about star wars, that was Disney's fault. Hope she has a great career ahead of her

    41. M A

      She deserves all the love. Felt sorry for her when star wars fans bashed her instead of the writers

    42. bpxl53yewz

      She's so pleasant. Carries herself well. Some actors are so awkward in interviews.

    43. Taj Hughes

      She amazing 🤩

    44. Caroline DiSalvatore

      Kelly deserves the Galaxy

    45. Darragh Mullins

      Such a sweet person!

    46. DONALD Duck

      Shes beautiful

    47. Carl Stanford

      What a nice person

    48. Jissip

      I love her dress 😍 She is such a beautiful person.

    49. Brianna Marie


    50. Adrianne Spring

      Omfg GORGEOUS!!! ICONIC entrance!! 😍 And her elegant VOICE!!! AAAAHHHH!! So much love!!! Powerhouse!! I love her professionalism!! 😂 Gold.

    51. DevilDogMuNky

      The comments aren't turned off!? I mean this sincerely, it's so stunning and brave!

      1. D Negrete

        Honestly I thought I was going to see a bunch of people hating in the comments. Glad that’s not happening

    52. Brave Just Defend

      How many Jimmy's do we have on TV, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy John's. TV is full of JIMMY'S LOL

    53. Talkies

      She’s a badass. ❤️ Awful how much racism she has had to deal with.

    54. John Pangarakis

      I never understood why she got so much hatred from Star Wars fans

      1. Mads D

        @bpxl53yewz // Sadly, that is true.

      2. bpxl53yewz

        It's because of the crazy Star Wars nerds. Her character prevented Finn from becoming a hero. They don't know fantasy from real life.

    55. Lyndsay Brown

      So glad she's back at it! Was worried the haters had traumatized her too much.

      1. D Negrete

        @MrInsertnamehere There were a lot of people who didn’t like her character in the Star Wars sequel trilogy and attacked her because of it.

      2. MrInsertnamehere

        Give me details

      3. MrInsertnamehere

        What happened

      4. Maya Lopez

        They were revolting 😔

    56. Jesus Turrubiartes

      Im a lifelong Atlanta Braves fan and hopefully I’ll become a player

    57. Ayde Nuncia

      Qué linda!

    58. Abhi Choudhary

      Just Amazing with Lovely Dress 🤣💗

    59. rose218

      For her, I will watch Raya

    60. Jose Sosa

      The show is amazing Jimmy and crew! Cant wait to watch Raya with the kids! Looks visually stunning and fun.

    61. Howard Clarke

      I am happy she is getting her due. I am happy about this. She is a wonderful person.

    62. usurper

      Disgusting how star wars fans treated her cause of a character created by someone else , glad she's on the up and up

      1. Jesse Thau

        @D Negrete It's probably one of the most toxic fandoms.

      2. D Negrete

        The Star Wars fandom can be terrible sometimes.

      3. Nathaniel Santoso

        You’re just surprised now at how toxic the fandom is? Have you seen what happened to jake Lloyd?

    63. disney fan

      Kelly marie tran we are al a lifelong disney fan disney is the best and biggest company in the world

    64. Jorge Ramos

      She doesn't deserve the hate she got from those Star Wars fanboys

      1. D Negrete

        Coming from a Star Wars fan, I’m disappointed with the ones who attacked her. That’s not right at all.

    65. Aree Don Phrasavath

      After what they did to her character in the starwars movies, they had to give her something good.

    66. S. K.

      I love her voice! How perfect for a Disney Princess!

    67. Luu Sapphire

      I'm so happy for Kelly! I've loved her, and the Rose Tico character since day 1. Now she's voicing the newest Disney princess. Love it! Can't wait to see Raya.

    68. Azka Hammad

      So beautiful ❤❤

    69. little bug ASMR

      THAT DRESS 👏🏼

    70. eze keze

      Boycott Disney! Boycott Disney!

    71. Brenna_Boop

      I love Kelly!! I’m so happy she gets to be a Disney Princess

    72. DR. OF UFOLOGY

      She deserves to be a Disney princess, she's very pretty, and more importantly a decent human being.

      1. Larisa Sava


      2. DR. OF UFOLOGY

        @Brian Meaker I never understood the hate she got. So what if you don't like the character she played, she didn't write the script. Hate the people that made the character, not the sweet young lady

      3. Brian Meaker

        And Star Wars/Disney owe her one after not protecting her or taking care of her during all the attacks she got online

    73. Broken Glass

      Rose Tico underrated starwars character lol

      1. Jaeyoung Choi

        U mean overrated because that character was badly written

    74. CastleByers 613

      Kelly Marie Tran got a LOT of undeserved hate in Star Wars. Disney saw this and said "Let's make you a Disney princess".👍

    75. Anindita K. Listya

      Southeast Asia is a very diverse region, hopefully they did their research well for Raya and the Last Dragon. I personally didn't realize how excited i am for it until watching the trailer and realizing how much i would've loved having a SEA Disney princess to look up to as a kid. Can’t wait!

    76. Irvyne

      She seems so lovely. I’m glad she hasn’t let the toxic internet trolls bring her down. I think she’ll find the Disney fan base much nicer than the Star Wars one.

    77. HyperTeddyBear

      0:47 In the middle of February 2021 and Kelly has to ask, "What year is it now?"

      1. Daniel Ireland


    78. Whatevers Clever

      Disney films next to Muslim concentration camps. If you're liberal and support Disney you aren't liberal.

      1. Earl Loh

        Watch more DEcameras , I’m sure it helps in your intelligence :)

    79. Jared Skintges

      Mulan isn’t a princess though

      1. Abd the snow king

        @Brenna_Boop Also Anna and Elsa aren't official members but they are paired with the other Disney Princesses from time to time because they have all official princess standard.

      2. Brenna_Boop

        @Dennis Heyes unfortunately, no. It’s kind of hard to identify the factors that a character must have in order to be named an Official Disney Princess. They usually have their coronations within a year of their movie’s release, I believe, so that can give you a general time frame to see if a character you love will be inducted. The current 12 official princesses are (in number order): Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, and Moana.

      3. Dennis Heyes

        @Brenna_Boop Does that include Princess Eilonwy from the Black Cauldron?

      4. Brenna_Boop

        Even though she’s not a princess in her movies, Mulan is a part of the Official Disney Princess franchise. There are actually only 12 official princesses.

    80. William Voyager

      I just cancelled disney. Oh well

      1. andrew scott

        no one here care william.

    81. The Mandalorian

      She’s nowhere near a Disney princess, her character literally has no use

      1. CestLisa

        and you wouldn’t say that about sleeping beauty? 🥴 you had to come all the way to video about kelly and make a snarky comment as such regarding the new role that she plays.

      2. The Mandalorian

        @Ryan Baker ❄️❄️❄️

      3. Ryan Baker

        How sad is your life that you're still worked up about a character because other incel losers on the internet told you to?

    82. The Youtube Money Draw

      checkout my video

    83. Dark Jedi Knight

      I don’t care what anyone says, I loved Rose in The Last Jedi. I just wish they didn’t screw her over along with every other person of color in TROS.

    84. Daniel Lopez

      Feel so bad for her Disneyfilm just couldn’t make a decent trilogy to save their life

      1. Dennis Heyes

        Disney has a history of struggling to make decent sequels in the past. A trilogy was always going to be ambitious.

    85. Juneil Binco


    86. Rodney Dollar

      Our Raya 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍 we can’t wait for Raya and the Last Dragon 🐉

      1. judy


    87. Nick Milligan

      I am happy she is getting redemption, lets just forget that the sequel trilogy ever existed

      1. Ryan Baker

        Why, The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars movie.

      2. The Mandalorian

        @RubberMonkey 🐒

      3. RubberMonkey

        @The Mandalorian 👎🏽

      4. The Mandalorian

        Nah that’ll stick forever lol, look at Tobeys dance. She’ll forever be known as a useless character

    88. Gabriela Martínez

      How pretty!

    89. Baldarsar

      Nope not a princess

      1. Abd the snow king

        She is a Princess as the daughter of the chief like Pocahontas and Moana.

    90. Gursimran Singh

      Damn, that IS a dress

    91. foxhound13

      Star wars fans are the most toxic fandom. Was her character worthless in the movie? Yes. Was it the actress fault? Hell no. Blame writer and director and Disney for what was given to us. She seems like a good actress. I just haven't seen much of her. But I am excited for the movie. It might make me get the premier access. Maybe. More likely to watch that then live action Milan.

      1. foxhound13

        @Ryan Baker lol what did I say? Was defending her. I just haven't seen her in anything else to give a good opinion on her acting.

      2. Carlos Venegas

        All Disney properties have toxic fanbases

      3. Ryan Baker

        You're part of the problem. There was nothing wrong with Rose Tico.

    92. rod axel

      My hollywood celebrity crush. The stereotype is not true that asians are all good at math.. We both can attest to that.

    93. You tuber

      I feel so bad for the hate she received, its not HER fault that people have never read a film textbook in their life and are utterly incapable of trained professional film criticism to the point where they falsely accuse her character of overall being poorly written just because one little scene and slanted biased misinformation. (Fun Fact: No serious film critic has ever cited Rose as a negative in the film)

      1. Ryan Baker

        @Havinastroke She was great in TLJ. TRoS was just a trash movie altogether.

      2. Havinastroke

        @Ryan Baker Oh well I meant the filmmakers didnt really give her a shot to be good. But you can like her.

      3. Ryan Baker

        @Havinastroke I do. I love her character. I don't get why people don't like her, and not a single one has been able to tell me a good reason.

      4. Havinastroke

        @Ryan Baker I dont really think she did a lot for the whole story in 8 and in 9 she kinda got shafted. Rose wasnt very good but they never really gave kelly a shot

      5. Ryan Baker

        @Havinastroke Rose was great, it's the "fans" who are awful.

    94. Chernov Brichtofen

      Looks like Rey, Finn and Poe caught Covid-19 from.. you know

      1. Bill Cipher

        I don’t know. Please enlighten us...

    95. Claudia Alv

      what disney princess she is?

      1. Ducky MoMo

        Raya from Raya and the Last Dragon.

    96. Cross

      wait it's confirmed that raya is a disney princess!?!

      1. Abd the snow king

        She is expected to join the Disney Princess franchise as the 13th member.

      2. The Mandalorian

        @Edward Siyavong 是的

      3. Edward Siyavong

        @The Mandalorian Do you speak any mandarin?

      4. The Mandalorian


      5. Ducky MoMo


    97. Lisa Thomas

      Gorgeous dress!!!

      1. Letalis

        Michael Cinco - designer. He is amazing and unfortunately very underrated designer.

      2. W Allen

        OMG, I gasped! Lovely, lovely, lovely

    98. Paddy Kelly

      Any one else think this was organized to distract the public from the current Star was drama

      1. Foxhound

        Get a life

      2. SuperAllelujah

        True Disney is garbage.

      3. Xaldel

        I don't think everything is a deep Disney conspiracy.

      4. Ducky MoMo

        No. This is to promote her new movie.

    99. Daniel B

      So why are we supposed to care about her?

      1. Earl Loh

        Why not ? Why don’t you ?

      2. Xaldel

        I don't know, is that your problem with EVERY celebrity that he interviews?

      3. Ducky MoMo

        Why are you here if you don’t care?

    100. Ducky MoMo

      She’s so lovely!