Trump’s Rush Limbaugh Tribute, Biden’s Vaccine Promise & Texas Blackout Blame Game

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Due to the pandemic some Catholic churches were offering drive thru and distanced experiences for the first day of Lent, Apple made a surprise announcement about a new product, President Biden held a Town Hall where he admitted he hadn’t spoken on the phone with one former President (guess who), Trump called into Fox News to pay “tribute” to his friend Rush Limbaugh who died today, the Trump Plaza Casino was imploded in Atlantic City, Rudy Giuliani is no longer representing Trump in any legal matters, Tucker Carlson went on air to falsely blame windmills for the massive blackouts in Texas, and real people on the street give rave reviews for a totally fake movie we made up starring Mark Hamill.
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    1. Strange Roamer

      Trump: Limbaugh, I never met him. I hear he's a nice guy though. I heard him on the radio once, even took a picture with him a couple of times, but I never met him. I don't know the guy. Anyways, let's get back to this voter fraud that the Democrats committed against me.

    2. Waffles 723810

      Dude does not even know Texas governor's name Jim abbot? Then he makes fun of Texas really? Our power went out cause of ercot as a Texan I find that offensive

    3. John Rogan

      Elrushblow died before Lent started.

    4. kazeet456

      Anti- Catholic hate with dancing on a man's grave who died from cancer at the time of his death. Democrats are hate filled human garbage and they need a country of their own. They are not our people as Americans or anything else.

    5. Michael Vigh

      Making fun of people's religion is absolutely Unacceptable! Wonder why we got bombed Sept. 11 2001.!

    6. Sarah Cleland

      500,000 people in the US alone are dead, and we're joking about a fanastical roll-out of Covid-20 and 20+ ??? WHY? Why is that funny? Over a dozen people I knew and loved, including my brother, died since this pandemic began. I love Jimmy, but there's nothing about Covid that's funny.

    7. neonamco

      Why is no one talking about Mark Hamils performance as Einstein? It was his best acting since the one with the spaceship for crying out loud. And those sex scenes? Come on guys. It was a threesome. Relativity!

    8. zsugar19


    9. Strong Liberals

      Here is avideo I made on Limbaugh's legacy: @

    10. Pancho Villa

      Someone needs to tell that Mexican guy the this illness is 100% preventable 🤓

    11. The Watcher

      Selecting a part of an interview and saying Trump is talking about himself is really very honest of you, really, I’m serious. Your jokes are very funny too... I’m really serious... Just look how much the viewers have increased...

    12. Shelley Allison

      That's GREG Abbott. But a conservative by any other name...

    13. Johnny Flyover

      Is this what passes for comedy these days.

      1. dog goneyou

        It's sad

    14. J Chan

      the 65yo was so enthusiastic lol

    15. Bennie Crawford

      Actually wind turbines only produce 10 percent of our power here in Texas and they froze because they were never winterized. Another lie by our corrupt Republican leadership.

    16. M G

      If he dies of cancer. Praise Jesus.

    17. Steven Pine

      And he thinks his audience is stupid too "and real people on the street give rave reviews for a totally fake movie we made up starring Mark Hamill." AND HE'S RIGHT only idiots watch this crap

    18. Steven Pine


    19. Z N

      “I sat in the balcony and had unprotected sex!” ...

    20. ChriAwesome Star32

      Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t even care about Rush Limbaugh’s death!!! Trump Lives Matter

    21. Bro Bro

      Jimmy Kimmel fake show

    22. Johnny5's

      Do people still think jimmy is funny?

    23. JohnnyCBCS

      "and what a beautiful tribute it was" - yeah, Trump was rather paying tribute to his "lost election" than a deceased friend.... he is indeed quite self-obsessed. "well, I have to believe that listening to Trump blather on nonsensically about himself is what Rush would have wanted" - golden ending right there.

    24. Frankg3rd

      If your gonna make fun of least be funny ! Hire some writers in this comment section....its loaded with very creative writers.

    25. Earth Uppy

      Kimmel is definitely belonging in hell since he mocks and lies for living

    26. Itson Mackie

      Jimmy who ? Jimmy Traitor

    27. cybertech0411

      the rump Curse everything he touches blows up or dies.

    28. Sheila Miller

      His so called friend passes away and the conversation is once again all about him. He seriously can't help but act like a self entitled 8 yr old brat. I still wish I could have been a bird in the corner when he was told he was banned from Twitter for good.

    29. J A

      “I can’t say that”. 😂 a black woman. TRUST a black woman. I mean it.

    30. Justin

      This was stupid sorry

    31. Melissa Mulvey

      RIP Rush Limbaugh

    32. Jimmy Conway


    33. Kepler186F

      "Every chapter of trumps biography is eleven."

    34. Picnuts

      Did he say to you what role he would like to see you play next? "Well, um, we didn't talk too much about that. I didn't want to talk about that too much either because I was disappointed by voter tabulation. I think it's disgraceful what happened. We were like a third-world country with election night with the closing down of the centers and all of the things that happened late in the evening, and he was furious at it. And many people are furious. You don't know how angry this country is, and people were furious." Jesus, is he gone yet? My God, did you read that? Word for word... EXCREMENT

    35. jim catalfamo

      hey jimmy where are the jokes about Biden Suggests Blacks, Hispanics Can't Get COVID Vaccine Because "They Don't Know How To Get Online".

    36. Kevin Knerr

      Horribly miscast. Harrison Ford should have played the frozen Albert. Mark should have infiltrated the crypt where the frozen remains were on display (with the help of his stalwart companions).

    37. xavier

      Just refer to Trump as He Who Must Not Be Named.

    38. Jennifer Padilla

      77 today in California

    39. Valerie Angell

      Oooooooo Biden!Snap!

    40. Flash Back

      Rush Limbaugh is dead? Lol lol lol lol lol lol lollol

    41. jey Lee

      1 smart black woman saves the world. using your goddamn brain = win for all.

    42. Fire of Evender

      Kimmel's wife is hilarious!!

    43. sam now

      The tacky clave startlingly melt because yacht clinically slip down a heartbreaking sampan. thick, horrible prosecution

    44. signe tulupan

      Thanx for making it IMPOSSIBLE for 1/3 of America to not be able to watch television, anymore! Kimmel could almost be a Saint next to Colbert, whom is so evil 👿, sickening, u don’t want to know where I think he should be...dwelling with rats 🐀 a clue

    45. Jon Robinson

      The main person that is furious is just YOU and your goon squad

    46. Frank Gutierrez

      "...Con Quixote.." hilarious

    47. Sooz

      Yeah I could plainly tell trump was devastated by the death of what's iz name.

    48. Edward MacLennan

      despicable "human" gives despicable "human" eulogy

    49. Karen’s Ex-Boyfriend Bruce

      Remember when late night TV used to be funny and a nice break from serious politics and life’s problems? Yea me too

    50. S W

      People still watch this guy? Looks like you've gained some weight fool

    51. Paul Obrien

      Trump just called his base weak . They are. He knows now we know

    52. SAM ERGIS

      The first women to do the reviews voice made me want to rip my ears off

    53. Coecoebrown

      Idk I kinda like masks. I haven’t been sick from a cold, strep, or anything in more than a year. When I think about it, it’s gross how much nasty is in the breath of someone else!

    54. Angeles Torres

      4:51 😂 Con Quijote 😏👍

    55. kevin Kazakevich

      I want to see that movie!

    56. Kris Helfferich

      That comedy bit wasn't funny at ALL. BOO!!!?

    57. SKS BC

      Let me wrap my mind around this.... 5000 thousand people have died and are still dying in the US every day, and comedians are already making COVID 19 jokes? This is really f'd up. I hope those who have lost loved ones don't see this, it feels really wrong.

    58. Sangria Biscus

      talking about tRump in the past tense.

    59. Maria Saldana

      Black women really are the antidote to everything that’s wrong with this country. She was NOT going to endanger others over a movie. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    60. Tom Reilly

      The Biden administration has accomplished more in one month that the Trump administration had accomplished in four years. Expose, isolate, then leave him to rot in his own mess.

    61. John 316

      7 minutes in and didn’t laugh once. Comedy is replaced with politics. Sad life we live in now.

    62. Kiran Patel

      Fox News try their best to alternative lie but didn’t work tucker became sucker;hod bless his poor soul jumping on hell

    63. Heather Melia

      I cant believe how evil

    64. Kiran Patel

      Where is Rudy ?? Come home papa trump not mad on you please come home he give you lollipop 🍭

    65. Kiran Patel

      Trump mess so much to America hard to fixed it take time so just give some time so we all can enjoyin 2022

    66. PotatoeJoe

      Once and for all, Rush IS NOT DEAD! He simply has given up breathing for Lent!

    67. Ruby Tuesday

      The last woman was the best! I have nothing but respect for her.

    68. Skye Mountain

      Covid-21's Multiple Variants & Flavors

    69. Jeffery Young

      Please people are People in the USA 🇺🇸 😒.

    70. Jeffery Young

      Fox news is lies 😒

    71. chicagozulu

      How about if you lost all 11 seasons of Shameless UK. Yesterday it was free. Today it costs. WTF?

    72. Laur Dinu

      What's left to give up??? Definitely your show!

    73. Inverness Fan

      I did not know that Limbaugh has passed away. I should have looked up the news.

    74. kerry con

      Jim Morrison is Rush Limbaugh you dummies...he just faked his death again you fools

    75. Chuckles

      Satan writes for Kimmel

    76. Don Jose Gomburza

      Texas should invest in electric grid lines instead building the wall

    77. Fly Boi Bri

      A man who said, when Chelsea Clinton was a child, was so ugly, they had to tie a pork chop around her neck so the dog would play with her; a man who said black QBs were not as smart as white QBs; a man who said drug addicts should be executed while he was addicted to pain killers, has died. Good. The world is now a better place.

    78. John Doe

      Rush is as evil as they come,any time now he is arriving in hell

    79. Rose Smith

      He's like listening to an old man that can't get past WWII is over!

    80. L J Trapp

      Kimmel is a count.

    81. davetke2002

      Ohhh Jimmy.....give it a rest.

    82. Picnuts

      Jimmy's monologue was great! Just look at the number of dislikes. 3K and counting - triggered people!!😜😜👌😊😊

    83. Jon Snow


    84. phedup

      "Every chapter of Trump's biography is 11." I love U, Jimmy.......& Con the inde-thinking- Af-Amer woman...U go gurl!

    85. Sativa Diva

      Found the covid bit a tad disgusting. Folks have actually died of this virus... Just saying

    86. Joseph Raney

      Jimmy, you’re getting worse every year.

    87. Swordterranean40

      That entire Mark Hamill bit was a mix of James Bond and the Joker.

    88. Oahu View Lot

      lol, that movie reviewer woman that did not want to promote Covid. 😍😍😍🥰😇 I fell out at "I'm good."

    89. Sonya Willoughby

      He is absolutely disgusting in all shape and form 🤮🤮🤮

    90. Vegas Strong Sanchez

      May Rush Limbaugh rest in piss. Trump is silenced permantly banned from Twitter. Trump supporters imprisoned and label domestic terrorists and Biden is rescuing the country with the vaccine. What an awsome year so far

    91. G P

      Rush Limbaugh died after years of struggling with cancer. Democrats bashed and bullied him while he was battling cancer. He was in pain and not a single Democrat cared as they verbally abused him. He never told a lie and never made up stories...he just simply stated facts about the horrible things Democrats were getting away with. Yes, the facts were more about Democrats...but they were facts that no one else was willing to bring up.

    92. k b

      I love how that last woman was the only responsible one!

    93. Loretta Scott

      He didn't want to talk about it because he was already DEAD

    94. Loretta Scott

      Limbaugh thought he won 😅😥🤢🤮🤮🤮

    95. Loretta Scott

      COVID 20 OUY JOY!!!🤢🤮🤮

    96. Loretta Scott

      Love it!!! Amen!!❤❤❤❤

    97. Larry Gassan

      Biden’s burn on Trump: epic

    98. Mr.Amazing F2P Gaming

      "IM good"

    99. Satoshi yamada

      Thank you Biden, now we can survive summer 😂🤣

    100. IeatyellowSNO

      Rush was sure slow in making the world a better place with his exit.

      1. Fore_sight_nationalism

        Same with RBG