Florida Georgia Line - Long Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Florida Georgia Line performs the song Long Live on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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    1. Shannon Beyer

      Eddie killing it on guitar as usual! They're lucky to have him~

    2. Jean-Marc Mathers

      I have covers for you to watch. Thank you! 🙂

    3. Jake Piojda

      Mixed well for a live gig.

    4. notta3d

      These guys have the best sound. Love them.

    5. JPMitreN

      Why the hate??? They are the reason I discovered and love country music…..

      1. JPMitreN

        @Brookhaven Cheer squad it’s been a while since they did a real country music album….

      2. JPMitreN

        @Brookhaven Cheer squad true….. recently I’ve been seeing and fearing a split in the near future…. Since Tyler’s been the one doing more music with other artists….. for example: recently with Tim McGraw….

      3. Brookhaven Cheer squad

        Same here but the thing is is that they have really changed from 2010 to 2021 they are pretty much country pop stars Justin Bieber started it and it really sucks and it just makes me mad how they have changed and I have noticed they are more different Tyler and Brian might be splitting up apparently and they just aren’t the same

    6. JPMitreN

      Long Live Country Music!! Long Live Florida Georgia Line!! 🤠 Thanks for introducing me to Country Music!!

    7. Suman Das


    8. ASM

      Had a great time seeing them play at the Jimmy kimmel live... wish they could play live again in Hollywood 😣

    9. Satan is Watching

      this is a good song

    10. Nick Pierce

      You know you're a country poser when you listen to Florida Georgia line..or luke bryan

      1. Cooper and Xavier Play

        Hank williams is real country

    11. Joy Hruska

      Great job guys! Love it!

    12. Jim Stead

      Moby was killing it on the drums

    13. No_Minds_Land

      Thank god country music exist only in America 😅

    14. John R.

      Jimmy Kimmel is a horrible human being! It's so disappointing that FGL is performing on that stupid show. But then again I'm not surprised. By the way, their new album is not that good in my opinion.

      1. John R.

        @Brookhaven Cheer squad I feel bad for Brian Kelly. I hope he does well with his solo project. He never gets a chance to show case his talents. We'll see.

      2. Brookhaven Cheer squad

        @John R. I totally agree they are losing so many fans also mainly because Tyler wants joe Biden but I don’t really think it matters because well he got what he wanted personally I think trump could’ve won but anyway let’s not get to into politics but yeah I agree he used to be so awesome now he just seems like some big popstar

      3. John R.

        @Brookhaven Cheer squad agree! I love the old songs. Tyler Hubbard I believe had something to do with the way the duo changed their style of music. He tries to become sought of this hip hop kind of dude. He used to look more like a rock star in the old days. I hope they look back and realize the success they had in the past was the reason why they were successful.

      4. Brookhaven Cheer squad

        @John R. yes exactly enjoy they’re old songs not the new ones they just makes me sad not happy

      5. John R.

        @Brookhaven Cheer squad I completely agree with you.

    15. DaveoAU

      They’re alright, but they’re no Memphis Kansas Breeze.

    16. Charlie P

      Pandering and the same old clichés... Bro country at its worse... At least they let go of the faux hip hop schtick...

      1. Brookhaven Cheer squad

        Whatever kid

      2. Seth Lockard

        Beer....glory days...Hank...dirt road 🤦🏼‍♂️

      3. Yiasemide

        Long live Mr. Steve Earle.

    17. Travis Sturm

      Can't believe I left a audioslave video for this crap

      1. Travis Sturm

        @Brookhaven Cheer squad nah

      2. Brookhaven Cheer squad

        Oh shush

    18. MyQueenFreddieMercury

      Long Live Florida Georgia Line.

    19. Jojo Buggs

      We Luv Florida Georgia Line!!

    20. Short satire

      Such a nostalgic song about pre-COVID days.

    21. Jon Preiss

      Cool song with nice guitar notes. The guy rockin' the double bass on the drums has got it going on too.

    22. Pamela Kindt

      I absolutely love them.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    23. Cortez TTD

      does anyone know who this is?

      1. Brookhaven Cheer squad

        Shut up you don’t know anything

      2. Shawali Brown

        Nobody should, really... ;)

    24. Jonas Poulsen

      Does the guy on the left ever get any solo parts in their songs, or is he just a glorified back up singer?

      1. Tj Curry

        There 3rd album dig your roots he has a lot of song that he does and he also has his own solo song in the works

      2. Kyle POV

        @Troy Stenerson dirt?

      3. No Name Road

        @Troy Stenerson heatwave, sittin pretty, there are more but you only said name one and i named 2! Also check out the music on our channel :)

      4. JPMitreN

        That’s what I’ve disliked about them since i discovered FGL….. Brian doesn’t get too much lead singing opportunities…. But there are a few where he does….

      5. Troy Stenerson

        @Alexander Henry name one?

    25. Katimashi

      Jesus these two look like Halloween in December from the budget bin.

    26. udipta nobis

      Jimmy 🔥🔥🔥

    27. Mr ME

      God bless anyone seeing this comment!!”

      1. Ehsan Pakbaz

        God bless you too🙏🏻🌻💚

      2. Logue Richard

        No thanks. God gave the world COVID.