Bette Midler on Getting Vaccinated, Her Vegas Wedding & Johnny Carson Audition

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Bette talks about getting vaccinated, keeping busy during quarantine, her daughter getting married, being married by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas in 1984, her new children’s book “The Tale of the Mandarin Duck,” being on the cover of Rolling Stone 48 years ago, and auditioning to be on Johnny Carson.
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    1. Eileen Robinson

      We have a mandarin duck here in Burnaby, BC, Canada!

    2. Kevin Nelson

      Great person!

    3. Jarome VanWells

      Beside her performance persona which is to be understood her act. This gal is full of rage and discontent. She has railed agaisnt President Trump in an unprecedented manner. One of the very few up front performers who speaks often and with consistency in way very very unbecoming to civil society.

    4. Rosalind Martin

      Love her👍🤣♥

    5. mark kershner

      A shame she has been cheated out of a year of her life by the won ton virus , and the liberal left. She's always been a favorite, but her " 'Wind beneath my Wings " could not hold a candle to Shenna Easton's original version.

    6. Karen Zirk

      Love this!

    7. Alice Portlock

      How did she get vaccinated? I am high risk and still waiting

    8. Sherry Kelley

      Bette is very funny too.

    9. theonlypinky

      I've adored Bette for years and (choke, er, choke ...) YEARS!

    10. matty parr30

      Wow! Shes still going strong. Looking well too. Shes like 75 76yrs old now.. 😁😁😁

    11. Philippa Pay

      With every ounce of her extraordinary humor and talent she has managed to make a happy, healthy, full life in her long marriage and with her daughter and friends and fellow artists.

    12. johntlew

      You’re not free and clear after you’ve been vaccinated. I don’t understand what they mean talking about a two week wait.

    13. JoSwearingen

      She's still divine.

    14. Sandy Bourbeau

      I have no words.... white privilege..... vaccinations.

    15. Patti White

      She is always a joy to see

    16. pam t

      White House on the Hill breeds these ducks!

    17. bearin29

      I went to see Bette Midler in concert alone, and I loved every. single. minute. of. it. While I was there, I was no longer alone. The entire audience became my friends. One of the most amazing nights of my life, I will never forget it.

    18. bearin29

      Ok, so who is going to find that Johnny Carson clip right now??!??!?

    19. Stella Stai

      Thank you Miss M!

    20. Kevin Hebner

      Everyone, please go to the Kennedy Center Honors website and nominate Bette. While you’re there, nominate Barry Manilow too. They both deserve to be honored and it would be great if they were honored in the same ceremony.

    21. Venti Sale

      She looks absolutely beautiful!!! wow

    22. Jini

      The Mandarin Duck is a close relative of the North American Wood Duck. The females of the two species are virtually identical.

    23. hizgrase

      Harrod Hill

    24. Ilene Fostoff

      I love love love her from the beginning until now!!

    25. SAM Taylor

      I love her. She is so beautiful.

    26. Gay Michaelis

      Yes, Bette Midler is great! I love her voice and the way she looks, her squinty eyes are great! And I always loved the way she moved and danced, her whole persona!!!! I love her personality and the sound of her voice!

    27. J L

      What a disgusting person. Yuk

    28. D Bw

      Well some of us think it is worse, do you listen to Biden speaking and how confused he is. This is really sad.

    29. barbara cronin

      That after vac relief she referenced is something that you simply have to experience. It is not describable. This is not snark. I really mean it.

    30. Caroljo 420

      I feel like we're finally in the last chapter of a Stephen King novel.

    31. Jessie McGarty

      I adore Bette Midler and RIGHT NOW I have a Mandarin Duck in a pond in my backyard that showed up mysteriously!!! Honest!

    32. Mary Ann Wettstein-Stoothoff

      She is a big hipocrite...used to like her but no more.

    33. Christine Maclean

      Rockin’ the silver hair, love it!

    34. va L

      It's a delight to watch Bette, almost expect her to make me laugh just by being herself. Love how good her marriage is. That duck is so BEAUTIFUL.

    35. James Beshears

      Love you Bette

    36. Historian212

      Harold Hill.... "The Far East" is what people used to call East Asia. Bette looks great, nice to see her being low key.

    37. Brent Fortune

      One of his best interviews ever. Just perfect.

    38. Anita Luca

      She’s amazingly talented.

    39. Karen Alsum

      Didn't see this program, but just seeing Jimmy and Bette's name in print makes me sick. Disgusting people.

    40. Pruz Zilla

      I follow Bette on Twitter--she's outrageous. Full of spirit and takes no prisoners. lol I love her.

    41. Karen Lugo

      Thank you, Jimmy I love Bette. Have to go my son is bring In and Out.

    42. Nancy Heneghan

      Bette does have a marriage song. We got married in 73 and while we were getting ready my husband to be put on my Better Midler album where she “ Going to the chapel. Going to get married...😄

    43. Favorite melodies

      I met her in person, she wasn’t friendly at all...I also met Robin Williams who was very kind...

      1. United

        I met Bette, and have talked to MANY others in several different states that have said nothing but kind & wonderful about their encounter w/ her. How many people of her status spend several days a week in overalls w/ther child and husband picking up trash in parks and tires etc dumped in ditches? She started doing it almost 30yrs ago. Too bad your personality clashed w/hers.

    44. ditto 10

      used be one of my favs, before her fall...... very sad indeed.

    45. MIZBrenda RICH

      I don't know why exactly but I have a soul connection with Bette Miller,i think she is an outstanding & funny actress and she's one of "my best-movie friends" in my heart. P.s. "You're looking beautiful!"

    46. Liz Ha

      I always liked her so much until she got political.

      1. Lynnae Schloneger

        Ditto....lost a lot of respect for her ....but im a nobody to her

    47. Malinda Fowler

      She is The Rose

    48. Jarrod Koskey

      Evil hateful and ugly has been.

      1. Jarrod Koskey

        Let’s hope her vaccine has an adverse effect on her... still can’t believe she never had that nose fixed. Lol.

    49. Terri Godfrey

      Still beautiful, smart and real.

    50. suzie mills

      Love her . At our age it is hard enough ❤️🤪

    51. Dave Dalton

      I love Bette sooooo much!!!

    52. littlethoughts

      Love her smiling eyes! Her talent..."so much talent and I can't even yodel!"

    53. miranda pow

      Awesome interview

    54. Kerry Venus

      Thanks Jimmy Kimmel, Guillermo Rodriguez Et Al.🙂

    55. Jamie Flener

      I love this woman. Beaches the best movie ever! Love her singing, too.

    56. christilb

      I love Bette’s movies, think she’s a wonderful actress and singer, and loved seeing her on this show but...I feel like she totally stole that girl’s idea for the children’s book. This poor woman who studies birds had been in Central Park documenting this bird and she wanted to write a story about it and Bette just decided to do it...? I know the woman said she’s not a writer but maybe Bette could’ve helped and her having her name attached would have helped the girl get her story published. It seems really weird that Bette wrote this story that she had no connection to at all. Maybe I’m the only one that thinks that though lol

    57. Eunice Luna

      I love you Jimmy !

    58. Sheila Liermann

      “Oh you know what Bette... I can’t sing.” OMG. Love them both!

    59. Janice Scott

      Wait til she has her first grandchild!

    60. peace and love

      getting an experimental transgenic transhumanistic vaccine...not very smart. At least wait for next year and see how it played out for the people around you. In the meantime work on busting your immune system.

    61. A Rodriguez

      No thanks, not a big fan. I thought when one retires they kinda go away.

    62. Theda B Gatlin

      I love you Bette Midler! What a gracious person!

    63. Kayl Maryjane

      The amazing berry noticeably milk because heaven concretely learn versus a possessive periodical. squeamish, confused trowel

    64. 1Bo Boga

      I just adore her♡ she's forever the 1 could be your besty,

    65. T. Nicole Jones

      She makes me smile till it hurts. 😁 💜 her!

    66. cpalazzo3

      I just love her❤️

    67. Susan Clements

      Lovely lady

    68. Shereelee lennard

      Could have been worse- no zoom and no social media during pandemic We love Bette Midler- I followed her since freshman year in college - pall’s mall in Boston where Barry Manikow was playing piano and Melissa Ethridge and friend were part of the Harlette’s - never missed a Bette Midler show- congrats to Bette on daughter’s wedding - pss - we share many friends too

    69. Diane Lengyel

      What a beautiful woman inside and out!









    74. tate tots

      The telling wood echographically observe because step-daughter unquestionably cause before a hulking fruit. ahead, icy ukrainian

    75. Regine Mann

      Midler is such a cruel woman. Her tweets are so mean. She hates Trump but she took his shots. Horrible woman

      1. Walli Haley

        Regine Mann, Trump didn’t own the shots.

    76. carol andrews

      The divine Miss M is still The best !

    77. Sue Ann Chapman

      Love her. She is a classy lady. Met her in Vegas. She was soooo gracious and kind. A true star!

    78. Ohmshanti7

      I totally Love Bette, she is always Real!

    79. dross24MA

      He probably escaped the butcher and was intended to be the duck in a "Peking Duck" dinner.

    80. Duwomaiish Gabrielle

      Love you Bett! Beautiful! Amazing woman and vocal talent

    81. Cynzia Self

      Please don't tell me it's been 48 years since "The Rose". Those was crazy days. They had albums then and l bought that one. Listened to it over and over. Loved it! " What do you do when your man comes home about 3 am with the smell of another women on his persons. Do you say " hop in honey the waters warm!" Oh, do you say "pack your bags Mother F.......! She was awesome in that film and still looks great. Good seeing her again. Keep acting we miss you. ❤️

    82. lisa hind

      Bette Midler.... one of my favourite singers and actresses. Loved her in " Beaches " . She has such a powerful voice and is such a dynamic extrovert. Love her !!

    83. Li Feng Liu

      The minor bone synthetically confuse because cover neuropathologically lock beyond a squealing pike. rapid, sloppy butane

    84. Harsesis Hok'tar

      2 nasty people.

    85. Gerry songs

      Attacking the dead makes her the ultimate skank.

    86. Jacqueline Fox

      Amazing CC. To me.🦊💖

    87. Patti C

      It's so good to see the legendary Divine Miss M and she looks wonderful. I couldn't agree with her more about the "pall" we've all been experiencing these past 4 years. Hard to explain because we've never gone through anything like this, not just pandemic, but all of it! Will be ordering The Tale of the Manderin Duck for Grandchildren. Thank you, TDMM, for music that will always remain classic.

    88. Richard Mayora

      I saw that first time on Johnny Carson and have been in love ever since.

    89. Dee Smellie

      I love Bette!!!!

    90. Terrance Miller

      That was an absolute joy to behold! Bette Midler is glorious and Jimmy delivered a quietly respectful and a genuine attentive interview. I just received my second shot as well and couldn’t quite articulate how it affected my state of being but Miss Bette helped give perspective. I’m going to purchase this book to commemorate my final vaccination. Who knew a Duck and Bette Midler would de clutter my COVID brain!

    91. blez caballero

      I simply love this woman. 💐😍

    92. Victoria de Manila

      Love her more today than yesteryear! 🥰❤️👏

    93. John C. Bojemski

      I defy ANYONE to watch Ms.Midler on stage or film and NOT immediately become a total fan! (Apparently, sadly, the TV audience didn't fully appreciate her? BOOOOOO on them!!!) What a truly GREAT talent.

    94. Cedrick Honeycutt

      The busy shoe findingsinitially exist because geometry conceivably brake except a merciful bugle. shaky, married actress

    95. X X

      her first appearance on ' the tonight show ' was the high point of that long running show , and sealed her future as a star !

    96. Colleen Kennedy

      Her face is tight as a drum!!

    97. Sabra Caterina

      The overwrought ramie worrisomely risk because door astonishingly challenge beneath a special pressure. polite, adjoining furniture

    98. Stan Miller

      Always wonderful to see her. She is still fabulous! Love her!

    99. Nancy Chace

      Cool interview 🙂 Fun stories. Have always admired her talent. The facial expression about Las Vegas said it all. 😀 I could relate to the duck, have 1 or 2 stories of my own ~ good luck and smooth sailing ⛵

    100. Mike Rozon

      He said he...she has been pulled and stuffed